Sunday, April 06, 2008

Twenty Seven Weeks

Now with hearts and rainbows!

Sorry about yesterday's post. On to the lighter side! With photos of babies to wash the darkness from your brain! Yes! Let's!

So the twins are cute and sweet and filled with light and naps, but they still don't sleep through the night. We seem to be getting 4 hour stretches out of Logan now, but only after a little Cry It Out therapy. As a testament to how tired I am, when he starts crying, I'm too tired to move and asleep enough that it doesn't bother me as much or jerk me into the claws bared, ready to fight off sabertooth cats position. Poor babies.

Second children: voted most likely to be eaten by sabertooth cats due to lax parenting.

Fortunately, we don't live with any of those types of cats. Instead we live with the type that put up with all of the grabbing and baby drool and being shoved into infant mouths.
Logan and Emma: "Kitty!"

And that sit on your face in revenge for all of the above.
"Ahhh! Help! Cat butt!"

Crisis averted. Domino sits down next to Logan's face and not on it.

"You knew he was gonna do that, didn't you, Mom? And you haaaaad to photograph it instead of save me, didn't you?"
Logan wants you to know that laughing at his misfortune only encourages his mom.

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Not my face!"

Emma would like to remind you of the photo contest and that you should be voting for her on it. Hop to it! Pretty please? Clicky!

In other news, Caitlin is still the best thing ever as far as the twins are concerned. She makes them laugh just by walking into the room and they go crazy if she starts to sing and dance and caper about like a fool or spin like a whirling dervish.

Still no teeth in sight, although they are still chewing on everything like mad. We gave them cold carrots which they both really liked and which worked really well except for all of the dropping involved. Lots of gnawing, then dropping, then cleaning of carrots, then more chewing. I swear we cleaned a small section of floor in the dining room via this method. I do not recommend it.
"Wassup, doc?" Emma updates Bugs Bunny's famous line.

"Is my carrot. You get you own. Maybe you could nom on my feeties a little. Maybe."

Emma has been working on new sounds recently. Foremost among them: umm and maaa. She sometimes sounds as if she's saying mom-mom or Emma, but I know she's not.

Well, except that she's my child and is brilliant, so it's very possible that she is!

Both of them still look at the cats when they walk into the room and kind of gargle out something that sounds like kig-gee! So you tell me, is that a proto-sound for kitty? I don't know, but being delusional, I'll pretend that it is. I'll let you know if kitty is their first word as we're projecting it to be.

Emma is still not crawling yet, but OMG! she's so close. She is up on her hands and knees and has her knees under her and rocks back and forth. Occasionally, she launches herself at a toy and winds up face down right in front of it. Effective locomotion? Not really, but it does get her close to the toy, which is all she cares about. Logan says that he's just fine sitting here and if she's so excited about crawling, let her bring him back some toys while she's out, OK?

Two weeks ago, on Spring Break, we took the twins for their very first trip to the zoo with Sara and the girls and I almost forgot to tell you about it! However, since you need a long string of happy, pretty and fluffy, here are some of the highlights of our visit.

We saw cool and unusual birds like this:
Canada goose.

What?! Not unusual enough? OK, what about this:
Nice hairdo! Punk isn't dead!

Emma got to see her first giraffe, that wasn't embroidered on one of her outfits.
"What giraffe? I don't see no giraffe!"

That giraffe, Emma.
Giraffe: "!"

We saw the hyenas who weren't laughing, but instead were planning lunch.
"Children under glass. My faaavorite!"

Caitlin got to play big sister to Hazel. Good thing it wasn't a test or she'd have failed. She dropped Hazel's hand so many times that Hazel would have been eaten by the hyenas if we'd let Caitlin be in charge.
Caitlin: "Look, Hazel, predators! Bet they think you and I look like snacks!"
Hazel: "Caitlin, you're so cool -- What?!"

We saw our family totem animal: the hippo. You know, their lips are a lot floppier than I would have thought. This big male was hoovering up the hay that was strewn about on the ground. Gotta keep up his boyish figure, you know.
Hippo sized.

I took the opportunity to catch some rays and do a self portrait.
"Ahhhh, sunlight!"

We ran into a number of the Zoo Pigeons. Here's a bold one.
Struttin' his stuff.

Shakin' his tail feathers.

Eric and Logan were also with us, in case you were wondering. As a matter of fact, Logan "helped" me take photographs, which is one reason why there aren't more.
Logan's favorite blanket. Induces sleep in moments. OK, maybe it's my favorite blanket.

Caitlin and Hazel went on a carousel ride. Caitlin chose the black panther. The big cats go faster, you know.
Riding cats.

All was fine until Caitlin's mount noticed the giraffe ahead of it and then it took off!
Caitlin holding on for dear life.

Hazel, being risk-averse, sat with Sara on the peacock "sofa".

While they rode, I took the opportunity to sneak a shot of Katie who was happily chewing on a toy.
Nom, nom, nom.
And it was good.

For your final brain rinse, I present you with this:

Not to be outdone by her elder sister in the Cuteness in a Pot series, Emma leaps into the fray.
"Oh, so now I have to get in the pot?"

"Must...taste...pot! I am a baby, after all."

"Bleah!" Notices me laughing and shooting away. "You're mocking me, aren't you?"*
Sorry Emma. Mommy can't help herself.

All better now, yes? Yes!

* Line from A Bug's Life.



Anonymous said...

You seriously have the most adorable kids. Or you are a really~ good photographer. Or both.

Jennifer S said...

Nothing makes me laugh more than your baby-voice dialogue. Cracks me up every single time.

I agree with Nina. Your kids are seriously cute.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Oh, that was fun. And, yes, your babies are talking. Why are you in denial about it?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Nina! On both parts.

Thanks Jennifer. The words...they just come to me! And the kids? Totally animatronic. (Don't tell Nina!) Well, except for the waking at night. There's a bug in the system.

SC: do you think so? Really? I'm pretty convinced on the kitty thing, but Emma just seems to enjoy rolling the sounds around in her mouth and isn't looking at me pointedly when she's mom-mom-momming. Logan, on the other hand, is the strong and silent type.

Stacie said...

1. Carrots as teethers are a BRILLIANT idea.

2. I love the cat shots.

3. Your "self-portrait" made me laugh

4. Have I mentioned lately how much I like your photos?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Stacie! That means a lot to me considering how beautiful your photography is!

It was a good day for a self-portrait. : )

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