One part foodie, one part gardener, one pinch political, one large heaping mommy blog. Garnish with photography. Stir thoroughly and enjoy! I have one elder daughter and a new pair of boy/girl twins, one husband, two cats, thousands of plants and a love of food, photography, gardening and writing.

My house may never be the cleanest one on the block, but on any given day, if you were to walk past my front door you'd likely smell something yummy or catch me working in the yard. There might also be squealing, screaming or laughter coming from inside. Three children are loud, loud, LOUD!

Feel free to explore my blog. I don't really have a theme, other than the Reality of Parenting and Being Gobsmacked by Twins. It's a parenting adventure!

By the way, I'm still looking for the pause button on this thing called Life! However, I think I might settle for a Mute button instead.
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