Origin Story

In case you were wondering about the name of my blog, it was based on an email I'd sent long long ago to friends regaling them with stories related to my crazy gardening.

Eric just found that email.

This episode was entitled "The pillaging continues...".

Wednesday, August 19th, 1998.

Still hacking our way through the jungle. Sometimes I think I can see the end of it, but then I realize that it's probably delirium induced by the long hours of hacking, slashing and slogging through the muck. One day I hope to raze this jungle to the ground! until it's just a nice rolling plain. Fit only for growing vegetable crops or becoming a rest area for weary travelers. Instead of the murky vermin infested pit that it is now.

Until then, I can only continue onwards, hoping that we are drawing closer to the end of this back-breaking labor.

I remain -


Yes, I really did garden using a hatchet. My weeds really were six feet tall. That area of the yard that I was working on is now the vegetable garden with raised beds.

Another missive dated March 10th, 1999.

I've been whipped, beaten, burned and deafened. I've also got a bloody nose and broken fingernails. I'm a bit shaken, but I'm OK.

There's nothing like a little yardwork to make you appreciate life.

Those trees aren't laughing anymore...now that they're MULCH!

Hatchet - Mistress of Woodchippers and Tree Dominatrix

Apparently I've been battling trees forever.
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