Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We'll Call Her..."Houdini"!

I remember wondering why the highchair we'd bought 7 years ago had a 5 point safety harness.

I wondered how fast they thought we might be rolling it around the kitchen to require such serious safety straps. Perhaps they thought we might want to feed our baby in the back of a moving pickup truck? Who knows?!

Well, now I am no longer wondering for whom they made those straps.

Clearly, they made them for Emma.

We have two of the Chicco Mamma highchairs, one we borrowed from Val. That one was missing its straps (Lost somewhere "safe", we presume.) and the other one only had the lap belt on it. We'd removed the upper belt when Caitlin was small. She never tried climbing out.

For the longest time, Logan didn't try climbing out of the chair without straps, but on the day he figured it out, we knew we were in trouble. Now we have him lashed into it with a fabric belt. It seems to do the trick. (Think elephants with rope tie-downs - he only stays because he thinks he can't get up!) Emma, however, has decided that the lap belt is not enough of a challenge any more.

We put her in, snapped it on, walked away and then upon returning with food, watched as she swung a leg onto the tray table in a bid for freedom. Fortunately I remembered where the top half of the belt was and grabbed it. Let's see you escape this time, ya little monkey!

We're ready for a highchair roller derby in the kitchen now!

Now for her next trick...

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