Friday, November 20, 2009

First Haircuts!

Oh no you didn't!

Oh yes I did!

Mr. Scruffy

Mr. Scruffy didn't appreciate the cape at all until it was pointed out that Mater and Lightning McQueen were on it, then he let it stay. Grudgingly. He chose a car to sit in, of course. I distracted him with views of the pictures in my camera.

Making a ponytail.


I almost missed this part. Good thing the stylist asked if I was ready!


There go all of those luscious curls! *sniffle* I almost cried, but then I decided that it's just hair and if I really missed it, it was OK since it can all grow back again. Lookit me being all adult!


Suddenly you can see his face!

Who IS this?!

He looks just like his cousins, Max and Axl. Probably Daniel, too.

So ready to be outta there!

He was so ready to get down, he wouldn't even let me get a good final shot. Stinker!

And then it was Emma's turn. She was a lot more sanguine about the cape and seemed to enjoy watching in the mirror.
Mirror, mirror on the wall.

"What is that lady doin' to mah hair?!"

A little off the bottom.

A little off the top.

At this point Emma decided she needed to switch from the hippo seat to the snail seat and nothing we could do would change her mind. Fortunately, they're professionals, so we all we just slid over and everyone was happy. Both of the twins were remarkably mellow throughout the whole process with very little head twisting or wriggling.

Look at those curls!

One day, if she gains more volume, we might just try cutting it in layers to see if it will all curl. Eeee!

Time for a fancy 'do.

Eric reads to Emma to keep her in the chair. New 'do is almost complete!

Then, suddenly, it was all over. Painless and pretty.

It is a pretty serious change, to look at Logan now. We'll probably keep doing double-takes when we look at him, for awhile!
"Got mah cell phone. Gonna call mah boyz."

Emma sits, enthralled with a book and her pretty new hairdo.


9 comments: said...

Well, I can't really afford to be surprised since I am brand-spanking-new here, but I am loving the twins. Quite adorable... I'm betting you are very aware of this, huh? ;-)

Madge said...

It always kills me how grown-up they look after those haircuts.

completely adorable.

Jennifer H said...

Such big kids....oh my heart!

Lorraine said...

I used to cut my son's hair when he was a toddler while he was sleeping on the sectional, until the day I cut his ear. The sight of blood put a stop to that nonsense. haw haw. You have beautiful children.

alessa said...

At least they didn't give themselves their first haircut, like I did. Right to the scalp. Which, considering I had been pretty much bald to the age of three, made my Mom cry. Three days later another teacher made Mom leave the room while she evened me up as best as possible. So, it could have been much more traumatic for you. " )

ellen said...

They look so adorable! Love it!

Hava said...

It has turned them into full blown kids, Logan doesnt look like a toddler anymore. Your kids have gorgeous hair.

Valerie said...

Yes I'm surprised :) They look very cute! So where are you going to keep those first cut locks? I think we accidentally threw the boys' away.

Red Flashlight said...

Hooray for professionals!

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