Monday, August 22, 2011

The Beginning of a New Era

On Friday, August 12th we found out a single piece of information that would change the course of our family's future.

The twins will meet the cutoff for kindergarten next year by three days.

Suddenly, we leaped into overdrive getting them set up in a half day preschool program that would run five days a week. Eric called up several different local schools and we went and visited about four of them. By the time we hit the last school on our list, a Montessori, we knew we had struck gold.

  • They had not one, but two openings. This is key when you have twins, you see.
  • School started on Monday, August 15th.
  • The twins loved the school.
  • During our visit, one of the teachers sat down with the twins and started an I-Spy game of letters and toy fruits and veggies, while we talked to the administrator.

Eric promised that we'd get back to them once we had a chance to think it over. I thought it over on the trip to the car. "Call her back as soon as we get home! They're closing in 5 minutes! It's Friday!" And so he called the administrator right back and told her that we'd bring them in first thing on Monday morning.

The same day we dropped Caitlin off at school for her very first day as a Fifth Grader.
Who's ready for school? I asked as I shot the above photo. As you can see, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

 Emma is ready!

Logan is ready! And very excited about his new Lightning McQueen t-shirt.

Caitlin was ready to take on the world as a senior in elementary school.

I feel a little bad, we sort of short changed her at drop off. We whisked in with her bags of supplies and walked her to her line. After hugs and kisses goodbye, we took off, rather than wait for the grades to walk inside.

I think she was pretty OK with it, though, since she wasn't paying any attention to us at all. She was too busy greeting all of those other kids who would soon roam the halls with her.

Then we drove off, with the twins, to their very first day of preschool.

Oh the excitement!

 Emma at check-in, snuggles with her blanket.

Logan can hardly wait to run off to his classroom and play with all the new toys!

The additional benefit of this preschool was the fact that they were able to put Emma and Logan into different classrooms. This would be the very first time they had ever been separated for any real length of time. All day, every day, 5 days a week for three hours*: solo. They would finally have a chance to make friends and see what life is like solo.

They never for a moment showed fear or insecurity. They didn't even say goodbye when we brought them to the play area to leave them. Instead, they raced off and left us standing on the sidelines.

We marched over, demanded kisses and made them say goodbye to us sad sacks!
 Buh-bye! Don't let the door hit you in the back on your way out, mom!

Who are you again? You know I'm busy playin', right?

So we left them. All alone. Together.

And ran away giggling into the early morning light.

 Preschool acquired! 


Later, they looked like this after school:

Emma was exhausted after all that learnin' and stuff.

Logan was still pumped from all the educatin'.
Caitlin was psyched.

* The list of things I want to get done in those three hours is just beginning to unfurl in my head! Weeding! Photography! Painting the house! Decorating! Writing! Decluttering! Grocery shopping without short people! OMG! Squeee!


Anonymous said...


-Aunt Cindy

Valerie said...

Wow, what a whirlwind!

Cousin Janet in NY said...

Every single day I checked & checked for a new entry, & finally today YAY!!!!!!! One to be worth waiting for!!!! Hope you enjoy your little time sans kiddies!!! And I agree it's great for the twins to separate a bit. Back in Medieval Times I was a counselor for 3 year olds & we had twins, Scott & Lee. They were in separate groups but spent the whole day crying for each other. You are def doing the right thing. Give them hugs from me!!!!

ellen said...

Hurray, for preschool! I find the time slips by and I never get as much done as I wanted to. I just can't believe they'll be in Kindergarten next year. Time surely does fly by.

Slow Panic said...

solo grocery shopping is the BEST

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all!! I looked for the picture of you and Eric with your hands up in the air (Who's excited for the first day of school?). Thanks again for a great reading experience. Cousin Ruth

Cousin Janet from NY said...

Good idea, Cousin Ruth!!!! I think, Tracy, that you have to shoot that one & add it in. A perfect addition. We are getting ready here for Hurricane Irene. I am a little in denial, "it cannot be happening HERE" and a little scared SXITless. Time will tell. Should start in 1bou 13 or 14 hours here. I have candles, batteries, flashlights & chocolate.

kimik said...

Irene has come and gone. Safe, but still in the dark. And spotty cell coverage is effin-nonexistent at the house now.

Need to see if my client is coming in tomorrow. Or not.

I can always dangle a hot shower before the massage in front of her, if she's powerless, like I am.

Oh, I wonder what you'll actually do with all that time sans little people.

kimik said...

power back on two nights ago, but out again briefly this am. now cell phones are back!!!! who-hoo!

now if all my clients didn't no-show or reschedule, I might make money this week

kimik said...

Hey, how is all that free time being used?

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Hey A! Sorry! Most of my free time is now sucked up into completely painting my living room, dining room and kitchen! I'm working on the living room now, new color for the ceiling, walls, 3/4 accent wall AND (like a maniac) I'm changing all of the trim to white. This involves a lot of sanding priming and double or triple coating it in white paint.

I need to post pics, don't I?

I'm glad you're OK and keeping out of the hurricane's path! Are you failing to make chicken sacrifices down there? Or properly doing it? I can't tell from up here! Join Facebook, wench! So I can chat with you!

kimik said...

ah, the perils of facebook scare me...sigh. it's hard to join when cheap@ss hubbie won't spring for internet at home.

currently, we browse via iPad (we fight over it) or iPhone. don't get me started. it took 3-4 years to convince him in Spruce Pine...something about rural areas bring out the cheapskate in him. except when it comes to cars... again, don't get me started.

no chickens sacrificed. just lots of cave crickets.

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