Monday, August 28, 2006

Hello world!

Shouldn't every first post be titled "Hello World"? Come on, am I the only one geeky enough to admit to taking Basic and being thrilled the first time Hello World printed across the screen?

OK. Maybe I am.

Well, you can blame this latest adventure of mine on my friends (I'm looking at YOU, Val and Misty!) and assorted family members who insisted that my emails and attendant photographs were far too good to just moulder away in just their inboxes. No, no! Share your bizarre sense of humor and writings with the world! Or at least ways send it somewhere that it won't take up as much space on their mailservers with my enormous jpegs.

OK, no one said that last part, but I can read subtext, you know! It will also give me a way to stop forgetting yet another person that I need to send the latest missive to, with the latest great picture of Caitlin, or my garden, or that cute little hummingbird.

Now, of course, my only question is this: how do I get my previously emailed notes onto the website?



Is this thing on?


JR's Thumbprints said...

Heard the Hatchet loud and clear. And "Hello" back. Now where are those nature photos?

Scylla said...

Yay!!! She is live and in charge!! Yay!! Tracy uncut!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Hi there JR, thanks for dropping by! Photos are imminent. Right after I finish this wee bit of work on the 18" tall weeds in the front yard.

Misty, you're just encouraging me! Better watch out! Next thing you know I'll be messing around with templates and such. I know just enough HTML to be a danger to myself.

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