Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Twin's First Sleepover

As an anniversary present my mother-in-law and sister-in-law offered to tag team the twins and Caitlin for us and bought us one night in a hotel room.

They gave us almost 24 hours alone which is possibly the best anniversary present ever! (Say it with me now: I love my children! I love my children! I love my children! I need some down time!)

We dropped off our monkeys, kissed them goodbye and ran like mad.

What is this "separation anxiety" of which you speak? Never heard of it.

We went to an early dinner which was really nice, especially the lack of "Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!" and general whining. I think that's still my favorite part. Afterward we went to see the new Star Trek movie and it rocked! (Insert gushing review here. Gush! Gush! Geek girl crush over Chris Pine! Woo! Sylar as Spock? Perfect! Uhuru is a babe! Etcetera.)

The next day, we gathered up the twins and discovered that they suckered Jenni

and Grammy

into further potential sleepovers. They went right to sleep, slept through the night and had their Cuteness setting turned up to 11. They didn't miss us at all.
Who are you again?

All of the cousins had a great time together. As usual, Caitlin and Max were inseparable.
Caitlin and Axl did a little bonding.
And a good time was had by all.

So I guess you could say that their very first sleepover, their very first night away from mom and dad, went swimmingly. Grammy and Jenni even offered to do it again.

Next weekend isn't too soon, is it? Is it?!

- - - -

On a completely separate note, for your viewing pleasure, here is an extremely slow chase scene:

Snacks? Snacks!

Uh oh.

Emma: Gimme!
Logan: No! No! No! No!

Emma: I can see we'll have to do this the hard way.
Logan: Teehee! Miiiiiiine!


Foiled again.


Drama Queen Jenner said...

As for the slow chase scene: a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
Congrats on a twin-free night! Glad you had fun!

Valerie said...

Yay, and many more sleepovers to come. And how come they always go to sleep better for anyone else? Sigh.

Madge said...

sleepovers are the best. ok. star trek is the best. loved it so much.

Jennifer H said...

My babies are big kids now! *sniff (okay, so they're still babies...sort of)

Love love love the curls.

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