Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ooo! Pretty!

The Hatchet Clan snuck away this past weekend to drop off Eldest Daughter with Beloved Grammy and Beloved Grampy for a week's stay. While we were there, Emma picked up a few new words and a new friend.

This is Hannah. She's come a long way to be part of our family's circle of friends.

Grammy and Grampy now have another honorary grandchild. They're up to 10 total (which includes 2 honorary), if you're keeping score.

As it turns out, Hannah is the same size as the twins. I can see years of Emma and Hannah swapping dresses right now. Unless Emma breaks out one of her newest words:


As in "Mine!" regarding snacks or a grandparent or a toy. These are all very important items to the under 5 crowd. Life or death issues revolve around who gets to hold the big spoon versus the spatula.

You have no idea!

The other new word Emma trotted out was compound: "Oooh! Pretty!"

From that moment on, everything she ran across was pretty. Empty prescription bottles. Pencils. Bugs. Birds. Flowers. Logan, however, remain unimpressed unless it was either a snack or Grampy. Logan is madly in love with Grampy and remained physically attached to him just as long as Grampy would allow it.

Fortunately, Grampy really digs Logan, so there was a lot of snuggling going on.

It was inevitable that we try to get a shot of all three kids, born just a few weeks apart, half the world away from one another. It was also pretty certain that there would be crying.
And escaping.

But you get the general idea. Three babies. Hangin' around in the mountains. One day, years and years from now, they'll look back on this photo and wonder why I couldn't have done a better job shooting it or why weren't they at least happy? I'll have to tell them the truth.

Babies what don't nap are all out of happy.

Logan shows us what all out of happy looks like.
Poor baby!

That's OK, though. Just on the other side of the yard, there was a vortex of happiness.

Caitlin and her friend Ruby (Honorary Grandchild the First) set up a fine eating establishment and were really good at fleecing the adults drumming up new business. Personally, I had a peach mojito, steak flautas and vanilla ice cream with watermelon sauce. I had to borrow money from Eric to pay them, though. Ten whole cents! Each!

I'll be back, though. The service was really good, if saucy.

The music, however, was really weird.*

Logan, for his part, just wanted the chips to keep on comin'. He reminded us that the way to a boy's heart is still through his stomach.

Munch! Munch! Munch!

It's just a much shorter route in a 20 month old.

* Caitlin had borrowed her grandma's soothing sounds radio with sounds ranging from rainstorm to creepy aliens sneaking up on you yoga studio meditation music. Just what you want to hear while eating dinner. Think horror movie soundtrack and you'll get the ambiance they had generated. Eek!

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Dawn said...

If Caitlin would like Blood of a Zombie will be happy to play for her restaurant - it sounds like we play the same stuff only louder. ; >

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