Thursday, June 18, 2009

Your papers, please, fraulein!

Caitlin's Big Adventure Countdown officially started yesterday.

We took her and the twins to the post office to get her passport updated. The last time she had a passport photo taken, she was 6 months old. She looks a wee bit different now.

If we had our acts together, we'd have gotten it reissued on time when she turned 6, but we were a wee bit busy two years ago. If only I'd thought about what it would be like to be in a post office trying to get one renewed with a pair of 20 month old twins in hand, I might've chosen to update it on time!

Imagine, if you will, our not-so-happy little band sliding into the post office, treading officially on nap times just to make it to our appointment on time. The dulcet sounds of Caitlin's complaints waft through the air: She doesn't want a passport! She doesn't want to go to Canada! She doesn't want to go to NY!

She has no idea the fun that is being planned for her. Personally, if I thought I could get away with it, I'd go and leave her to care for her father and the twins, but nooooo!

So, we're there, we're clingy and screamy and tantrumy by turns aaaaaaaand we're missing a vital piece of information. Why did I grab the souvenir birth certificate and not the real one?! Why did I think that was somehow going to be OK?

All of the screaming seems to have addled my brains....

So we take our mini horde back home again (both parents have to be there to get a minor's passport, so Eric is missing work for this) and grab the proper birth certificate. Fighting and complaining continues in the car. We triumphantly return to the PO, proper documentation in hand and, fortunately for us when we return, there isn't a line so we can get our application in even without another appointment.

We have to expedite the paperwork, however. It's not cheap.


I vow to never do this again and consider the logistics of getting passports for the twins. Soon.

We vow to the nice man behind the counter that Caitlin really is our child and that that really is a picture of her and that we haven't blown anything up recently. We then take our brawling, squawling pack back home again. The twins finally get their nap. I take a much needed break from my eldest child.

This will be Caitlin's first trip, on her own, to go visit relatives and will be her first time alone with my relatives for any length of time. My brother has offered to fly out with her, so that will be one less stressor on this trip. My elder sister sent me a rough itinerary of the NYC portion of the trip and I'm already jealous.

Maybe one day I'll go spend a couple of weeks in NYC with my sisters and the kids will stay home. My passport is up to date!

Twenty two days to go.


Cindy said...

Yes a sisters NYC weekend w/ out ankle biters would be awesome!

Can't wait to see Caitlin!

Jennifer H said...

Such a big girl she is! (I'm waiting for the magic year when the whining stops...)

Dawn said...

Yes come on out leave the pack with the mil and we'll do Tangers Outlet mall, find a couple of day spas, get mani-pedis, aromatherapy courtesy of Godiva chocolate, maybe even take in a show....

Magic year when whining stops --- sorry I think the magic is when you finally learn to tune it out or go deaf from the constant barrage of whining. Or develop a really good stand-up comedy routine every time the whining starts so that they just stomp off in a huff and slam the door to their room.

Cousin Janet from NY said...

Very important here. Half of Caitlin is mine & I am just North of NYC!!!!! If there is anyway we can all get together anywhere I will be so happy. I am in Westchester but can come into the city, or you're all invited up to me!!! If it ever stops raining we can have the pool open & a BBQ!!!
Tracy, is this at all plausible?

Dawn said...

Well - Hello Cousin Janet!

I would absolutely love to bring Caitlin up to you while she's here and if you're able to take her for a couple of days while I'm at work then this will solve a potential problem of Cindy making the long drive from & to Canada being outnumbered 3:1 by the kids in time to make a friend's wedding.

I have to work Wed & Thurs July 15th & 16th. If I could bring Caitlin to you Tuesday the 14th and pick her up again on Friday (or later, if you like) then Cindy can come down Sunday and I can drive up with her and kids, plus my hubby so we'll be evenly matched 1 adult per child.

Somehow, I don't recall the drive to Crested Butte lasting 13+ hours that's a bit much for one adult to handle solo.

Dawn said...

Oh and Cousin Janet?

If you'd like to join us on an outing Tuesday - I've got tentative plans for museums, planetarium, and the American Girl Cafe among other things so we could schedule something in particular should you feel like coming down to NYC.

Dawn said...

OMG! If Caitlin had any thoughts in her head that she was not wanted, they should be all gone now!

Caitlin's summer plans are shaping up nicely! This is her agenda as per our emails so far:

Committee to End Caitlin's Boredom

Caitlin's summer travel plans - 2009

7/11 - fly to NY with Uncle Ian arriving 10:20pm
7/12 - wish Uncle Ian a safe flight back to CO
7/12-7/14 - hang out with Aunt Dawn & Uncle Matt
7/14 - possible brunch at American Girl Place?
7/14-7/18 - hang out with Cousin Janet & Cousin Matt
7/18 - BBQ at Cousin Janet's house
7/18-7/19 - travel to Canada
7/19-7/26 - visiting in Canada with Aunt Dawn & Uncle Matt to see Grandma Pauline, Grandpa Donald, Aunt Cindy, Uncle Jayson, Cousin Daniel & Cousin Natasha...
7/24 - wish Aunt Dawn & Uncle Matt a safe trip back to NY
7/23-7/26 - camping trip with Uncle Jayson, Aunt Cindy...
7/27 - drive back to NY with Aunt Cindy...
7/27-8/2 - hang out with Aunt Dawn & Uncle Matt
7/29 - 7 pm THE CYCLONES, a NY METS ‘A’ farm team vs the STATEN ISLAND YANKEES at Key Span Park in Coney Island?
8/1 - Block party in Brooklyn
8/2 - fly back to CO?

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