Monday, December 28, 2009

Potty Training Twins: Notes from the bathroom floor

We've finally broken down and started potty training the twins.

Why? Well, I hate to say it, but it all started because my kid sister told me that Natasha, my niece, was working on potty training and learning quickly. Deep in my heart, the competitive part of me said, "No way! She's three months younger than the twins!". Clearly, I needed to get a move on in the training department.

You know what, though? Twins are harder to train than a singleton.

Yup. You're stunned, aren't you? Yeah, two butts to chase around naked and two voices yelling "NO!" when you ask them the perennial question: "Do you want to sit on the potty?"

It gets old pretty fast.

I'm hoping I get them trained before pre-school, which will happen either when they're 3 or when they're potty trained, whichever comes first. Since Caitlin was done a month and a half before her 3rd birthday, I'm hoping to beat that date. We'll see. The twins seem to have come in the Extra Obstinate model. Lucky me.

My observations, thus far:
  • After asking nicely, begging and pleading, have been reduced to outright bribery just to get the twins to sit on the potty. Now there is 1 M&M for sitting. More are promised on actual production*, if you know what I mean (And I think that you do!).
  • Logan doesn't seem to understand If/Then statements. As in, "If you sit on the potty I will give you a chocolate. If you make a pee-pee or a poopy**, then I will give you more chocolate." Afraid his future career as a programmer is in doubt.
  • Emma has successfully made two deposits*** in the potty so far. Much applause and squealing followed on my part. Applied two mini chocolate bars leftover from Halloween. She approved.
  • Had to apply half of one bar to Logan who objected to being left out of the chocolate fest. Half a bar for potty cheering?
  • Is continual chocolate applications in the potty going to have an odd long term effect on children? Future Emma/Logan: "Strangely, I always get a craving for chocolate when I'm using the bathroom. Isn't that odd, mom? Mom? I said, 'Isn't that odd?' Mom...?"
  • Emma likes reading potty books in the potty. Need to invest in more potty-oriented reading material. Suspect that buying used potty books would be gross.
  • Logan supremely uninterested in potty training, but very interested in chocolate. Crying ensues after lack of production means lack of further chocolate. May have put self in for repeated crying jags.
  • Am spending an awful lot of time sitting on bathroom floor. May need to actually clean it more while cheerleading current occupant.
  • One day...this will all be over.No more diapers for me!
Updated to add: Logan just peed in the potty for the very first time! Aieee! (Start the parade!)

* Look at me, being all "delicate". I'm sparing your sensibilities here!
** Sorry about that. So much for delicacy....
*** On either side of Eric's birthday. Happy birthday, Daddy! Still trying to be polite. Really. I'm only doing this for you.


Missy said...

Some parents disapprove, but one way I used to get my girls to sit on the potty a little longer was to paint their toenails while they sat there. Added bonus of keeping me occupied too.

ellen said...

Potty training is one of the hardest things about parenting! Good luck to you!

alessa said...

I don't remember this happening so have absolutely no advice to give you. I miss chocolate...effing food (allergies) sensitivities!

Anonymous said...

What a great story. You made me laugh out loud! Happy New Year from grammy.!

Madge said...

gotta tell you so far potty training has been my least favorite thing about parenting -- my boys are 7 and 11 now. and i still have nightmares about it (ok, a bit of literary license taken)

screamish said...

"Strangely, I always get a craving for chocolate when I'm using the bathroom. Isn't that odd, mom? Mom? I said, 'Isn't that odd?' Mom...?"

very very funny!

no, dont buy second hand potty books. just dont.

Saffa Chick said...

I'm a year away from even thinking about potty training, and it has me scared! I may import my mother from the UK to do it for me when the time comes!

Good luck ;-)

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