Thursday, April 08, 2010

Photographic Evidence

They're so cute sometimes. This might hurt a bit, so take it slow.

Here's Logan noshing on an apple and dancing. You can't see the dancing part, but it's in there.

He likes to play the piano.
Dum dum da dummmm!

Emma likes to help him play the piano. Constructive criticism and all that.
No, more like dis!

They're hard to take pictures of, because either they're not looking at you or they're rushing the camera. Sometimes both at once.
Can I see? Can I see?! I wanna seeeeee!

Good pictures are exceedingly rare now.

However, I think I have finally stumbled upon a sure-fire way of getting them to hold still and look at the camera.
Yes. That is my foot.

I made Logan stop moving. Quite an accomplishment.
Hold still there!

Then I pinned Emma.

They're even cuter when you can't see my foot. But they still move around a lot and are a bit blurry.
Tiny puppy! Emma's current favorite toy.


Also, holding them down doesn't stop the "Can I see?!" thing. Not at all.
Can I see? Can I see? I want to see!

Something new in the Twin Life: we bought them beds. Tiny beds that hold their crib mattresses. The cribs are long gone (Since they were well on their way to bone breaking encounters with the floor.), but the mattresses have just been on the floor. Some toddler beds went on sale and suddenly it was time for new beds! But you can't just have new beds without new sheets, so I splurged on some sheet sets.

That I let the twins choose.

That don't have Disney characters on them. (I love Dora and Cars and Toy Story a lot, but I don't want to have to look at them every day. Any more than I already have to look at them, that is!)

Yay! Beds!

Logan! Show us how you lay down and go to sleep!
What is this "sleep" thing of which you speak?

No! Lay down!
You mean jump around?

No! Lay down--! Aw forget it.
Yay! Puppies! And beds!

As soon as the beds were put together, the twins immediately started shoving them around the room. Well, after all the jumping, at any rate. This meant we needed a high tech solution to keep them from shoving their beds around.

Yup. It's string.

I wanted zip ties, but we couldn't find them. Hopefully this will hold them for a little bit. Or until the twins discover that if they both push from the same side that they can move their beds. Ack.

Oh, related to pushing things around, did I tell you about the new lock Eric installed on the patio doors? Turns out the Houdini Twins figured out how to unlock the back door (Caitlin never figured this out until she was older.). I found this out a couple of weeks ago when I dared to have a shower while they were awake. Upon exiting the shower I heard voices.

In the back yard.

They had unlocked the door and gone outside all on their own.


So now there's a lock on the top of the back door that they can't reach. At least, until they figure out how to work together and get a ladder.

I'm doomed, aren't I?

Ah well, I'll leave you with these last two shots:
My sweet urchin!

Little charming demon child.


slow panic said...

they are adorable. and i hope it's not to strange that seeing your photo of holding them down with your foot brought back fond memories of my kids toddler days....

Hava said...

I LOVE the jumping on the bed picture. The twins are getting so big and they are adorable!

Tracee said...

How is it they keep getting cuter?!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama said...

Oh, golly — the cuteness and the personalities! I will try your foot idea. I will try it often.

Dawn said...

Hey I have another niece over there - where's the photographic proof of her?!?

BTW the twins are adorable!!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Slow Panic: not weird, but funny that it's not just me holding down toddlers with her feet! Yay!

Hava: thanks!

Tracee: I don't know. Must be all the apples they eat! Seriously! Argh!

Lauren: Thanks! I hope the foot works for you, too!

Dawn: Yeah, yeah. When I try, there's all the short people screaming and that makes me forget what I was going to do. I'll try tomorrow.

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