Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bitten by the Succulent Bug


So while I might normally have been ready to pot a lot of veggie seedlings up, I totally missed out on that this year. I just never got into the "mood", as it were. Instead, I randomly happened upon a book on succulents at the library and that got me in the mood to do a little planting.

And a little shopping.

My friend Valerie is in town, so I had the perfect excuse to drag a willing victim friend with me to go shopping for some plants. Other women have a thing for shoes, I like my plants. After spending more money than I'd planned on, I came away with a sweet new honeysuckle that will replace the bug attracting clematis in the front yard and a small pile of sempervivums and echeverias. Yay!

To whit:
Unnammed cobweb hens and chicks, sedum 'Autumn Joy' in back, 'Blue Boy' hens and chicks in lower right corner. I think.

'Baronesse' cobweb hens and chicks in upper left corner (this is what survived the winter in the big round pot), another cutting of sedum 'Autumn Joy' in the upper right corner (I don't think it will outgrow this pot in one season, but let's see!), 'Lilac Queen' hens and chicks in the bottom right corner and a volunteer Russian sedum that I will probably have to rip out later when it attempts to take over the entire pot.

The big square pot! In 3 corners are 'Highland Cream' thyme (I'm looking for it to spill over the edges nicely.), if you click to enlarge, you can see the tiny cuttings of Russian sedum in the top middle and top right corners, what might be 'Hardy Boy' sempervivum (purple-red plant) in the middle right, then sedum 'Blue Carpet' next to the bottom right thyme, to its left is a trio of 'Cebenese' cobweb hens and chicks, another potential 'Hardy Boy', or maybe a 'Koko' sempervivum (I should have written these down when I first planted them years ago!), and the cool looking stonecrop 'Cape Blanco'.

In the round pot, the sedum 'Tricolor' died a sad and terrible death, but it was replaced by the blue 'October Daphne' in the bottom middle, heading clockwise next to it is a pair of 'Oddity' hens and chicks, then Orostachys iwarenge, a plant commonly called Dunce Caps (when they bloom, they look like...dunce caps.), the giant and happy 'Hardy Boy' or 'Blue Boy' in the middle back and then another pair of 'Oddity' on the middle right.

To have a look at what these pots looked like last year, click here.

I guess I'd better get a move on if I want to have veggies this year! Looks like I'll be getting my tomato plants from the Farmers Market!

How are your gardens faring this year?


kimik said...

I personally kill the little, ahem, succulents. They don't like me.

Tracee said...

I was wondering where all your plants were this year~ I've gotten nothing planted either, except some marigolds and purple basil that I managed to start in the same place!So much for experience, where's my green thumb these days?!

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