Thursday, May 06, 2010

Ten Minutes Too Long

You know how you sometimes have computer issues? Sometimes those issues are caused by eating around your computer and getting gunk under the keys or even by your children? You know how long it usually takes you to clean up afterwards?

Yeah. I bet you do.

The twins want you to know that they have the perfect way to make you feel better about your computer issues: they'll create worse ones here so that you can say to yourself, "See? It COULD have been worse!"

I was picking up Caitlin from school and left Eric in charge of the twins. He dared to go down to the basement for ten minutes, leaving the twins alone watching Kipper on the screen. He heard them messing around upstairs and decided they sounded happy enough and no one sounded like they were lighting anything on fire, so he let them be.

However, we all have to face reality sometime. As any parent knows, if your kids are too quiet for too long, something's up. If the twins are a little too quiet for any length of time, you just have to go find out what they're doing.

This is what he found:
Soiled computer.


You thought I was joking about how destructive they are, didn't you?

They scooped out about 1/3rd of the soil in the container to the right of the laptop in the picture (And the plants in it!) and smashed it into the keyboard. It took Eric a butter knife, a vacuum cleaner, a can of compressed air, dozens of Q-tips, rubbing alcohol and several hours to get it all out again. Not to mention all of the potting soil on the counter, chairs, floor and dining room table afterward.

The planter, after I put it all back together again, turned out very nicely. It was just waiting for the finishing touch (No, not that of 2.5 year olds, either.) to be considered complete, polished glass stones:

My precious!

Now I have to keep moving it outside during the day to keep The Crazies from playing with the stones, the soil and the plants!

Do you have a worse story of kids + computers = disaster? Lay it on me in the comments!


Scylla said...

I do not have a kids + computers = disaster story, but I did leave Oliver alone downstairs for five minutes while I went to the bathroom and he covered the entire first floor with uncooked white rice and pinto beans.

Oh yeah. Their love of mess is our undoing.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I like that it was UNCOOKED. Cooked...that would have been a smeary mess. Good job, Oliver!

slow panic said...

i don't have a kids/computer story. not sure why not.

i was on a business call when my oldest was about two and i had been baking cookies and he took five pounds of flour dumped it on the table and then got all his thomas the train trains and plowed them through the flour while i chatted on the phone.

yeah. it took forever to clean that up.

Mandy said...

Oh funny/awful at the same time! I don't have anything as messy as this, but something rather idiotic that my 9 year old (old enough to know better) managed recently. I was cleaning up a broken fish bowl that house lots of rocks & marbles, water and bamboo stalks after she threw (accidently of course) a razor into the side of it and couldn't figure out why the marbles were stuck in the drain. When I asked her about it, she says, "Oh yea, one of my bouncy balls got stuck." When I asked why she didn't let someone know..."Not sure, I didn't want to get in trouble." My husband was real excited to come home from a business trip to be confronted with a clogged much for hair and the normal mess!

Anonymous said...

You need to post this on

And I quote, "the strongest visual birth control" out there.
So good. ;)

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