Monday, June 28, 2010

Caitlin at Nine

Dear Caitlin,

Today you turned nine. NINE. Nine. As in your very last year in the single digits.

The night before, we collected your cousins
Cousins, three.

so that you could have a sleepover in the tent that Daddy set up in the backyard. Everyone was so wiped out that you guys didn't stay up late at all! We were amazed. The next day, you got to hang out with Max, Axl and the twins while Daddy and I worked on getting ready for the party. You did your part to get ready, too.


Having your favorite cousin over helped to keep your spirits up and he had a fantastic time with the twins, too!

Emma insisted on being dressed in one of Logan's shirts (a hand-me-down from Max, actually), and managed to really rock it.
Emma rockin' the "I just slept over at my boyfriend's house and stole his shirt" look.

While you guys were running around the yard and completely soaking each other, Daddy worked on your cake (Note that your previous poor behavior meant the Mommy didn't make the cake this year. Maybe next year!) and did an excellent job. I made sure that you all got to indulge in the rights of childhood and lick the bowl and the beater.

No birthday experience is complete without that!

Pretty soon, though, it was time to head out to the Butterfly Pavilion!

First we got to have our very own private bug showing, moderated by Stormi, the butterfly. She was great and later told us that she wasn't certain what to expect from 9 year olds, but really enjoyed them! (Apparently the party ages there are lots younger! Personally I think I might have my next party there! Woo!)
Let the lecture begin!

She told us that if at any point we didn't want to look at a particular point, to put up the Stop hand. Yeah. I was the only one that couldn't handle looking at some of the creepy crawlies.

Emma waits to see somethin' good!

The spiders,
Stormi shows us a Black Widow. Max is Not Happy.

Caitlin looks a little concerned.

Please note, if you have a thing about bugs, now is a good time to scroll to the end! You have been warned!

Did you know that scorpions with large claws aren't very venomous? True story! I learned a little something and now so have you! However, if you run into a scorpion with small claws, that's an indicator that it has very strong venom. Run away!

The girls react to the scorpion.

I love their facial expressions: horrified, yet fascinated! One day, they'll think about boys similarly!

and millipede
The twins check out Millie up close. Ooooh!

Millie the Millipede!

were fine, but the segmented giant stick bug and the giant cockroaches were way too much for my delicate sensibilities. I had to have Daddy take a picture of the stickbug for me.

Too horrible to look at in person!

Jenni, Axl (or Ask-ull as Emma calls him) and Emma hang tight and watch the bugs being paraded around.

After our close-up, it was time to enter the Crawl-A-See-Um. Also known as the Room that Freaks Mommy Out. Glass cases filled with dozens and dozens of giant cockroaches isn't exactly my thing. However, for you, I am willing to be daring.

As was Grammy, as she held Rosy the Tarantula!

And Daddy!
Eric says, "She tickles!"

This is an 8 year old tarantula!

And you!
So brave!

Several of your friends were also willing to hold Rosy as well which was very cool and brave! I was willing to photograph it all.

Proudly displaying their "I held Rosy" stickers!

Then it was time to crawl off to another exhibit and then the butterfly release!

The eyes have it!

Emma has a new friend! A zebra longwing.

Logan checks out Emma's hitchhiker.

Owl butterfly.

Zebra Longwing.

At this point, I'll have to leave this post as it is. I'm about to hit the road tomorrow and go to Canada for my mother's 65th birthday celebration! Solo!

I'll finish it up after I get back.

Enjoy the photos!

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BigChunkySoul said...

"Emma rockin' the "I just slept over at my boyfriend's house and stole his shirt" look." - classic. LOL.
Time for me to take some kids of my own the the Butterfly of them was terrified of butterflies a few years back (the creepy bugs were okay with him, though) that he's 17, I wonder if he'll still cry in the Big Room.
Happy Birthday to Caitlin (I guess I can say that even though I don't know her, right?) :-)
~Cheers, Cynthia

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