Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miss Manners

Emma, Logan and I were hanging out in the bathroom, as we are wont to do these days since Emma is working on potty training*. Logan remains comfortable walking around with poo in his pants, so he says.

Emma: "I want a penny!"
Logan: [Hands Emma his penny and continues playing with the wire wastebin on his head. (Yes, they like to be bucket-heads. What can I say?)]
Emma: [Takes the penny] Thank you! [Pause.] Thank you, Logan. [Logan continues enjoying the basket on his head and ignores Emma.] Logan! Now you say "thank you".
Logan: Thank you.
Me: Actually, he should say "You're welcome". Logan, can you say "You're welcome to Emma?"
Logan: You weh-com.
Emma: You're welcome! [Emma isn't really clear where the call and response of Thank you and You're welcome ends.]

Days later, at the dinner table, Eric had been offering bites of his dinner to the twins:

Caitlin: Daddy, can I have a bite of your dinner?
Eric: Sure Caitlin. [Gives her a bite.]
Caitlin: [Munch, munch, munch] Yum!
Emma: Now you say "Thank you, Daddy.".
Caitlin: [Shocked silent.]
Emma: Now you say "Thank you, Daddy!".
Caitlin: Don't give me lessons!
Me: [Laughing] She's right though! You'd better thank him.
Caitlin: [Miffed at being schooled by a 2.75 year old] Thank you, Daddy.
Eric: You're welcome! [He doesn't wait for Emma to tell him what to do!]
Emma: You're welcome! [Big smile all around.]

So next time you're over, don't forget your "Please" and "Thank you". Emma is taking notice!

* While I was away in Canada, Eric and Emma really stepped up the potty training action. Logan wants nothing to do with potties. Emma is very good about it and uses the potty multiple times a day. She not out of diapers yet, but I can see the end of the tunnel from here!


slow panic said...

Any chance Emma would like to come over and give my 8 and 12 year olds some lessons in manners? There are times when they could sure sue them.

Solanaceae said...

I'm with 'slow panic', I sure could use Emma around here to school some 30-something year olds! One of my favorite parts of being an Auntie has always been teaching the skittles to put buckets on their heads, my runner up? Teaching them to howl at the moon. Grandma was always so thrilled!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I should make a recording of Emma's prompts to say Please and Thank you and post it. Hmm...

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