Thursday, July 29, 2010

Potty Training Twins

I won't lie to you: potty training twins is a pain in the...back.

Also, one twin is totally into it (Emma), while the other screams and has a fit if you even suggest he should sit on the potty (Logan). Bribes don't even work on Logan.

Guess who's farther along on the potty training spectrum? That's right! Emma!

When I ran off to Canada for a week, Eric decided to leap into the fray on the potty training angle and started working on Emma. She seemed a lot more receptive to the idea than Logan, so we both figured we'd better get her going. Even just getting down to only one child in diapers would be nice. Yes, they're still in cloth diapers, but even changing a pair of cloth diapers every day is icky in the long run. I'd be totally OK with outsourcing the potty training. Where's your mom when you need her?

Oh yeah, she's in Canada. Humpf.

Anyway! Emma has been easily bribed to sit on the potty. Then she started peeing and when somewhat constipated even pooped on the potty. Each production resulted in chocolate chips, a parade and a song and dance. Sometimes books were read while the queen held court on her throne. She's into it and now, more often than not, comes running to us when she wants to go instead of us checking in every 2.5 minutes.

"Do you want to go potty? Do you need to pee? Can you show me how to go potty?"

Asking her if she wants to go always results in her saying "No!", but if we yell "Time to go potty!" and grab her up and "fly" her to the bathroom, she'll go happily. And generally produce a little something for our efforts. It's so great!

Logan, on the other hand, could care less and is happy as a clam walking around and pissing in his pants like a drunken frat boy. The screaming fits he throws make it SO not worth it to make him sit on the potty that we just don't. We do, however, invite him in to come see Emma. We're hoping he does his usual skill gathering tactic, which is to wait until Emma has made headway into a new skill (e.g. stair climbing, sleeping through the night, talking, walking) and then will suddenly decide he's ready to do it too and then takes off running!

I'm not sure when this miracle of bodily control will take place, but I'm hoping it will occur within the next two months.

Why two months? Because we're now two months, minus two days until the twins turn three.

Sneaks up on you, doesn't it?

Aiee! Three year olds!

Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should pit them against each other. Like, "Two babies enter. One baby leaves. And that's the baby who can pee in the toilet." -- Monica

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Hah! I LIKE it! Woo!

Although I do have only the one boy....

Decisions, decisions!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

I used to put treats in a glass jar on the back of the toilet. If you go potty in the toilet then you get a treat. Sometimes I would sit forever reading to them. My son Jordan always wanted me to read "The Noisy Car". I swear I could recite that book word for word even now. The boys are now 21 and 23 and yes they are potty trained! LOL Another thing that helped was that they could not go to pre-school unless they were potty trained. They are 19 months apart and were both in diapers at the same time. So I told them this information. After visiting the pre-school and seeing how much fun they could have first one (the younger one) trained then the other wanted to go and trained. So maybe find something they want to do and tell them they can't go unless they are going in the potty and wearing big boy pants. good luck

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Candy: we've tried bribing Logan with pennies, since he's part magpie, but it's just not working. Maybe the pre-school idea would appeal to him? I'll give it a try! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

How are (my) twins almost 3 years old? :)

I'll have a talk with Logan. I'm sure he'll listen to Auntie Jen. Even though he doesn't know I exist, and all. Have missed their adorable-ness.

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