Saturday, August 21, 2010

The First Day of Fourth Grade

It was the first day of 4th grade and we were running late as usual.*


We did the back to school shopping in record time. Eric took Caitlin out the day before classes started and bought piles of supplies. We never actually went clothes shopping, but considering that it's the middle of August, it's not like she needs fall weather clothes. Instead, she just jumped into a tee shirt and a pair of holey gauchos and was ready to go.

But I said, "No. Not on your first day of school."

So I made her change her clothes. Two more times.

With that issue mostly settled, and breakfast in everyone's belly but mine, we rounded up the twins, my camera and tea and toast and drove up to the walking-up-the-hill point. Whereupon the twins took it to mean that it was time to whine and scream about being picked up and carried up the hill. While we were lugging an enormous bag of school supplies, a camera, a coffee mug, toast and unwilling twins.

They slowed us down, to put it mildly.

Eric started getting antsy that the bell would ring at any moment and was going to send Caitlin on ahead without us, but I insisted that we would all make it. So we hoisted the Dramatic Duo and hurried ahead. Made it into line with plenty of time to spare, but not enough for good photos. Instead, we'll all have to make do with these.

Bye Caitlin! See you after school!

She was excited and looking forward to getting back to school and learning new things. Hopefully it will be a better year for her than last year. Less sneak reading and more homework completion. More after school programs and, hopefully, new friends.

Welcome to 4th grade!**

* The first day was the 17th of August. Whatever happened to the week before Labor Day?!
** When did she get old enough to be in 4th grade, anyway?!


slow panic said...

My kids started on the 11th. It's so stupid. Except that they are out of the house. Which is nice.

Hope she had a great first day

Cousin Janet from NY said...

In NY school doesn't start till after Labor Day. And did she start school on a Saturday? In any case she looks so cute & we hope she has a great year. We were with Grammy & Grampy yesterday, here for Aunt Lenore's 82nd bday. Had a great BBQ. I'm sure they'll post photos on Facebook which everyone is insisting I join. I'll probably be the last person to join but I guess I'll have to soon. Love to all.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

SP: the 11th? Ack! Now THAT'S early!

Janet: Drop me an email with Lenore's phone number! We don't have the new one! Glad you got to see Linda and Jim!

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