Friday, December 03, 2010

Emptying the House and Doing Good Locally

Eric is about to take off for a week's vacation (It's his turn, after all. I took off for a week to go visit my mom for her 65th b-day celebration. To which I still owe you pictures. Ack!) and I will be all alone with the screaming children.

To maintain at least a modicum of sanity, I have determined that this would be a good week to work on de-cluttering the house*, starting with my old maternity clothes, infant gear and whatever gets in my way in the garage. Helping to motivate me was the Evening of Sharing we just attended at Caitlin's school. There were assorted organizations there asking for volunteers, money or gear and I decided it must be kismet. I have stuff and a burning desire to get rid of it and they have a burning need.

I don't have the patience to run any sort of a garage sale and my friend Christine is no longer local to coax me into it. Instead, any large, potentially valuable items will go up on Craigslist (Crib, anyone?), but for that I appear to need to take photos before posting. This leads to procrastination on my part, because I just can't get excited about taking pictures of my old washer. However, I am motivated to sell it off somehow, if only just to get some floor space back in the garage. (Possibly because I'm also afraid that Eric and I both carry Hoarder Genes and if we don't get rid of some stuff, it will be goat trail time!)

Also, I want to buy a larger vehicle to haul the loud, young people around in. A vehicle that will put them farther away from me. If I could drop a soundproof plexiglass sheet in between their area and the front seats, I would. Maybe install some knockout gas nozzles aimed at their seats, too. Yeah. That's the ticket! Anyway, any loot that I sell off I'm earmarking (Earmarking: it's not just for Congress!) for the new vehicle. I suspect it's going to be a loooong time before I get any new keys in my hands, but I thought if I had a plan, it would be more likely to happen.

Have you had any success selling off your gear on Craigslist and if so, what tips would you give me to ensure a successful sale? I'm not willing to ship anything, so e-Bay is out. Too much of a headache. If I get too overwhelmed I'm most likely going to set it all out by the curb, bit by bit, with a sign saying, "Free!". That always seems to get anything to go away.

Except for the mice.

Dang it!

* I find that I can open almost any drawer or closet or cupboard and put my hand on any number of items that I can get throw out. I keep asking myself as I run across these things why have I kept them so long? Why is that dead plant still sitting there in that pretty little pot? Let's just dump it in the compost and put that pot in the garage. Next season I can put a sempervivum in it. Why do I still have this 10 year old nail polish? Aging it isn't going to improve it. So I'm taking back my cabinet space, one handful of "stuff" at a time. I got a little thrill when I actually started putting bread in my breadbox. I know, that's just off the hook, right?** Right!

** I need to get out more, don't I?


alessa said...

Yeah, I was gonna declutter when I packed this last time, right before we didn't get to but that house. Heh! Didn't help that I am a Pro-fessional Pro-crastinator (inherited the gene from me Dad, I SWEAR!) And well, we're still 80% packed with boxes in every room in the house, but the master bedroom. And no decluttering has happened yet. Good luck. Take lots of Vit D. And set goals with treats attached. If I get rid of X, I get to spend $ on a massage...or something like that. : P

alessa said...

That would be "buy" that house, not but that house...SHEESH!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Alessa! I'm doubling up on the vit D now that I'm inside all the time. I figure 4K can't hurt me.

I'm in the process of collecting up a pile of coats for the coat give-away and maternity clothes for a local org. I'm actually pretty happy to give away most everything locally. Yay for thinking local!

Solanaceae said...

I've had decent list with Craig's list by posting good photos from multiple angles and being as descriptive as possible. I will warn you with pricey items, be careful, I had a commercial food processor on there and 3 different people tried to rip me off, I ended up selling it on ebay to avoid that. Ebay can be goof, even for large items which I listed as "local pickup only".

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