Thursday, December 02, 2010

Smells Like Christmas!

We just bought and brought home our tree today!

From Costco, of all places. What can't you buy there? Seriously! (They should start paying me to shop there, I love them so much. Or get a restraining order. Can't decide.) It was about 8' tall and Eric had to haul it in on his own, leaving a trail of dead pine needles up the stairs and across the living room.

That's OK, though, because December is Pine Needle season. Every day until we compost that puppy, it will drop needles and I'm OK with it because I can't get over how gorgeous it smells. My house smells like a forest. A lovely, dark green, pine-scented forest.

We'll decorate it tomorrow with the kids and attempt to keep the twins from smashing the decorations or pulling the tree down on top of themselves.

That may be tougher than you think, too. Those two are crazy! Other people have cat and tree stories. Ours will be about the twins who will cackle evilly and whisper their diabolical plans back and forth and then set forth and destroy everything in their path.

If only we could harness that power for good instead of evil....


Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

So nice! I do love that smell but I am very allergic. We now have an awesome artificial tree. But I do miss the smell!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

The smell is almost the best part! I'm sorry you're allergic! Ooh, what about a rosemary tree? Yummmm!

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