Thursday, March 03, 2011

Caitlin's New Desk: Hatchet and Husband Take on the DIY World!

Just under a week of hard work, swearing, sanding, painting, sawing, swearing, building and then last minute panic, ripping apart and refacing, it's done.

One third of the giant wall unit for Caitlin's bedroom is finished. Now she has a place to do her her room and away from the babies. No excuses.

Check it out!

One desk with hutch and drawer. It's not perfect at all, but talk about proud! Aaaaand a massive learning experience for Eric and I. I'll be making sure that he takes into account the measurement for any drawer slides before putting the drawer together in future!

The drawer interior. I totally stole the idea from Young House Love (Crafty devils!) because I thought it was a fabulous touch. Caitlin chose the wrapping paper and I got my first dose of decoupage. Be afraid!

The knob Caitlin chose after much back and forth with me. White knobs on a white drawer weren't going to work for me. This, on the other hand, is lovely! We have another pair of matching handles for the drawers on the base units. Base unit construction starts...tomorrow!

Caitlin's finished door with her colorful name and the desk we've been working on for a week! Caitlin even did homework on it this evening!

Whew! What a lot of work! I'm so glad it's done.

On to the next piece! Huzzah!

Whaddayah think?


Anonymous said...

I'm sensing a DIY show on PBS or TLC in the works - "Hatchet Handywoman - Doing It All". Congratulations to you, Caitlin and Eric on a job well done!


Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Ruth!

BTW, that big blank space in back is where I'm going to make a magnetized blackboard. I just need to get another piece of thin plywood cut to size! I'm hoping to get it done this weekend so Caitlin will be surprised when she comes home on Sunday (off visiting my SIL). Woo!

amy m said...

This is beautiful! I'm looking at the plans on Ana's website and it doesn't give a cut list for the desk, just the hutch. Did you use 1x4s on the aprons and drawer? Thanks!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

I believe they are 1x3s, but I'll go grab a tape measure and have a look.

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