Thursday, April 07, 2011

Looking for Advice: Boys and Potty Training


This entry will be filled with poop, not unlike Logan's underwear, so if you're easily offended you may want to read something else. Maybe about kitties?

I know they're 3 1/2 years old and you know they're 3 1/2 years old, but Logan has decided he's completely uninterested in pooping on the potty. As in, we know he can but he won't. We've asked, we've begged and pleaded, we've offered bribes of the chocolate variety and of the toy car variety, we've threatened, we've taken away toys. No dice.

That boy has no interest in pooping in or on the potty. He pees in one like a champ, unless he's playing outside in the yard. Somehow neither Logan nor Emma can remember that there are toilets inside the house if they are outside the house. Too distracted throwing sand around, I guess. Neither one of them wakes up dry, either, so they're still wearing the Bum Genius diapers at night*. Emma started to, but I think she backslid after watching Logan get away with peeing everywhere like a puppy.

Maybe I'm wrong, but there has got to be a way to get him to poop in the potty! Please help me! I'm really tired of having to wash soiled Pixar undies and have him freak out when he's all out of Lightning McQueen underwear. You know, because they are filled with poop.

What can I do?

* Yes, they really have been wearing the same reusable diapers for two years and nine months. How awesome is that? Freakin' incredibly awesome, that's how much! The velcro closures have taken a beating, but I've just been using a strip of velcro over top to hold them on. The diapers still look good and work great. Except that Logan pees like a racehorse, so he's always soggy in the morning. I'm starting to wonder if his bladder grows larger as he sleeps and sucks in the moisture from the air.


Anonymous said...

you might've hit on the answer in your post -- if he really freaks out about not having his favorite undies available, then maybe telling him that he can only wear plain ones until he stops soiling them? That the special/favorite ones are only for boys that use the toilet? Something along those lines... just a thought...

Sue (who isn't a parent, so is just guessing at all this)

Anonymous said...

As far as soaking through the night, you should look at how much they are drinking after supper. If they go to bed at say 8 pm then I wouldn't give them any more to drink for the evening at say, after 6:30 pm, and always have them pee right before they go to sleep.
You'd be surprised how many times both my kids tell me "They don't have to", and then promptly pass about a litre of fluid.

As far as pooping, that can be tricky, number two is usually harder for kids to be comfortable doing on the potty for starters.

You could try what Sue has suggested, and say he only wears white undies for the whole week, and if he can go X amount of days with out an accident he can wear L/M the next day, but if he soils L/M he loses him again for said amount of days.

Use a sticker chart on the back of the bathroom door for visual encouragement. Get L/M stickers from the $ Store ;)

If he "goes" around the same time each day (a lot of them do) you can try to "catch" him before he goes and put him on the potty and see if that works.

Also is he getting enough/ too much fiber? If his bm's are too hard that could be why he doesn't want to go, it hurts when it passes through- kwim?

Good Luck,

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember his Daddy having a similar problem. Sorry, Eric, but I do!!! I think I'll choose to remain Anonymous on this comment, heehee

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