Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Easter Egg Bums

Guess what finally came in the mail?

A box full of bum wraps. (Pa-dum-bum-psssh! I'm here all week folks!)

The long-awaited, seriously back-ordered Bum Genius 3.0 cloth diapers! Thanks Grammy!
Climbing, but still not walking.

They come in far more colors than just white and pink, however they are all pastel shades and while they have cutsey, trippy names like "Twilight", they're really just white, pink, yellow, blue and green. It's like Easter has landed on tiny baby bums.

Pink and yellow tushies!

I'm not a big pastel fan (As a matter of fact, we almost didn't buy the house we live in because it was originally pastel yellow. Bleah!), but I am a fan of a product that works and these work. We've gone cold-disposable-diaper-turkey around here since they arrived on Friday. Yes, we're doing more laundry, but in our house we do laundry just about every day anyway, so an extra load - albeit a stinkier one - is not a big deal.

"Emma, whatchu tink 'bout dese new dihpahs?"
"Dey OK. Mehbee a purple wud be nice. Or poneez."

We're learning that during the last diaper change of the day we need to slide in an extra layer of absorption or face multiple wakings at night, but other than that these diapers rock!

Well, in as much as a diaper can be considered Rockin'.

"I comin' a getcha!"

One of the best parts about them is the fact that they are adjustable so that we only have to buy the one size and expand them as the twins grow. Ca-chiiing!

I'm not going to get into the cloth vs disposable debate here, in case you were wondering (Previously discussed here after starting here.). If you search like I did on "environmental impact disposable cloth diaper" you'll get a ton of hits. I read the top five, just for grins. You'll want to do your own research, search your soul and your pockets and decide for yourself. What I will tell you is this: from my reading, it appears as if many of the studies that have come out have been funded by the diapering industry. I don't know about you, but I have a hard time trusting in a study that is paid for by the industry itself, as opposed to a neutral third party.

I think, like formula, disposables have their place. Not everyone will have the time or the desire to wash cloth diapers. Financially, cloth is a big expense up front, but over the diapering life of the twins it will be much cheaper in the long run. The environmental impact for the plastics involved in disposables is also a long term issue, as opposed to cloth diapers, unless you want to start discussing how heavily managed a crop cotton is and its excessive use of pesticides and herbicides. However, going down that route can also start a discussion about the oil used in creating disposables and the wars fought over access to cheap oil. (The cost of the war exceeds $538 trillion, as of this writing, according to the National Priorities Project.)

However, everything we do has a cost. Everything we purchase has an environmental impact. I'm just trying to keep mine down for the long term by switching to cloth, laundering it myself in my ultra-low water use washing machine with my eco-friendly detergent, hang drying when possible and selling them off when we're done (Cloth diapers maintain their value for quite awhile if they are in good condition when you're done with them. Check eBay for yourself.).

Also, the biggest environmental impact is not whether you choose cloth over disposable. It was whether or not to have a child in the first place. We chose to have these children, assuming that in the long term they would have a positive impact on society that outweighs their environmental impact.

So far, so good!

The cuteness cannot be denied!

"I look good in yeh-yoh, dontchu tink?"


Nicole said...

Yeah...thinking about all of the pluses and minuses here is enough to make your head explode. And, unfortunately, the least impact answer is to have no children (this said by someone who just released a third parasite on our world :) )

I like Bum Genius the best too! They're cute, they leak a lot less and they make your baby soft and squishy. What's not to love!

Cute kids!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Oh, they are so cute! I went back and forth between disposable and cloth over the years. The way to make sure people use more cloth is to make disposable more expensive.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

BG = awesome!

SC: I'd be willing to bet that we'll start seeing the cost increase as fuel costs ramp up and the materials used in them become more expensive to make.

That being said, I wonder if the industry will do what it can to keep the price down?

pamsvulcan said...

Uhm let me get this straight - over 3 months waiting for diapers? OMG! Does that mean anyone considering having babies should order them as soon as they find out they're preggers? How long does it take cotton to grow anyway? Maybe you should consider a new crop?

FYI - I have pics of squeaker & 'tasha on myspace

Valerie said...

There's always hemp! ;)

Speaking as someone who only cloth diapered when a service was available and then did disposables to the bitter end. (Ok, so it wasn't bitter per se...)

bluejardiniere said...

True, the cuteness can not be denied!

Cindy said...

Too cool! They look like they fit really well. Did you know you can download free templates online and make your own? They also have organic, unbleached cotton's and of course hemp. like your friend mentioned.

Are they aio's or pocket?

I wish I would've seen the bg's w/ Daniel I would've gone the cding route instead, that way I would've gotten more wear & tear out of them now w/ Tash.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Dawn: are you trying to TELL ME SOMETHING? Actually, it was because we ordered them through Eric's mom and she was setting up as a dealer. Took awhile! Apparently the BG people are slammed with orders.

Val: the organic version costs about $30 per diaper. Aieee!

BJ: Thanks! *blush*

Cindy: I can just barely sew straight lines for napkins. I am NOT handy enough, nor do I have enough TIME, to sew my own diapers. These are pocket diapers, btw.

pamsvulcan said...

Uhm, no - not trying to tell you what you hope I'm trying to tell you - gotta get married first!

Cindy said...

wanna win 12 bg 3.0's?

Christine Moore said...

LOVE Bum Genius Diapers!! Best fitting cloth diapers we have tried!

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