Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekly Winners IV


For your delectation, (Mostly*) Naked Babies.

"Hey Emma! Whatchu doin' down dere?"

"Some yoga stretchin'. I'm gettin' limbered up, Logan."

"Dis is da Foot in Mouf position. Opens up your chakras or somfin. Is impor'ent to be flexible..."

"When you want to do dis!"

Emma shows us that she's going to skip right past crawling and go straight to standing up. Either that or she's just showing us that she knows how to execute the Down Dog position.

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*For those of you that are curious about why the babies are (mostly**) naked in the middle of April in Colorado: it was eighty degrees out on Tuesday. Eighty. Eight-oh. 80.

And then the very next day?

It snowed.

** For those of you wondering why they are wearing disposable diapers: We have cloth diapers (Bum Genius 3.0 - one size!) on order (because Lotus said they were fab and so did some other folks.). Whee!


maggie's mind said...

Just adorable! Baby yoga ;)

We had almost 80 in my part of Oregon last weekend and snow here this weekend, so, yep, I get it.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Don't worry, sweetie; no mother in her right mind would have questioned your needing to use those disposables for baby twins.

That was a very nice down dog; I should send you a picture of my 2-year-old doing half-moon. It's very silly.

secet agent mama said...

I love when babies eat their toesies!!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Hi mama! I clicked over from API Speaks. First of all, your babies are DARLING. Secondly, I think you will LOVE the bumGenius. I have tried most every kind of cloth and I always go back to bG as my go-to favorites. Plus, chunky monkey 18 1/2 lb baby is STILL on the smallest snap setting. Love these.

Fun blog! Look forward to hearing more from you at API Speaks!

HRH said...

Super cute naked baby pics. That third one on is great.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks everyone!

SC: I'd love to see your 2 yr old half moon. I'm almost scared as to what that would look like! : )

Megan: Thanks! I'm looking forward to using the BGs 3.0. Now if they'd just show up! I'll see you at API!

Gabriel said...

Beautiful pictures! "Dis is da Foot in Mouf" just killed me. That was very cute.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you have a great week!

Annie said...

How cute! I like the toe eating one!

Thanks for stopping by!

Daphne said...

she is a darling girl! shes likes her toes, huh?! lol

(sorry I didn't even notice the date on the earlier post)

Daphne said...

or is that Logan with the toes in the mouth?? lol. He's quite a cutie!

Rebecca said...

Those are too cute. I just love 'em. :)

Jennifer H said...

I would never have questioned the disposables.

Love the pictures (and you know I laugh my head off whenever you give the babies some dialogue).

Swistle said...

OMG your babies are whipping my baby's diapered butt, development-wise. I'm going to start mine on violin or something.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jennifer: I aim to please! Glad to know you're out there giggling.

Swistle: today's post is just for you! (Well, you triggered it, at any rate.) Henry's probably slacking because he knows he just needs to crook his cute tiny fingers and any of the other 4 kill will come and do his bidding! Babies are smart that way.

'Round these here parts, the twins know that Caitlin will only help them out if she's really feeling generous, so they're essentially on their own!

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