Friday, April 25, 2008

Attachment Parenting with Twins?

Am I an AP parent?

Is it possible to be an AP parent with twins?
  • I don't wear them in slings (Two babies @ 30 lbs + sling(s) = sprained back).
  • They don't sleep in my bed (Any more. Ask me about their first 3 months.).
  • I fed them formula in their first 6 weeks of life (Before my breasts learned to count to two.).
  • I had a planned c-section.
Am I still eligible? Could I be an AP parent?

According to Julie, of course I am!

Attachment Parenting is not about what you don't do. It's about what you do do.

There's a spectrum of AP parenting, if you will, and I am on that spectrum.
  • I breastfeed. Twins. On demand. (That's a lotta milk!)
  • I'm making their solid food from scratch! (Extra points for effort!)
  • They sleep in the co-sleeper next to our bed. Well, one of them does, anyway. The one that is currently the better sleeper. This week it's Logan while Emma gets to sleep in the fabulous room we made for them.
  • We carry them around a lot. A whole lot.
  • We snuggle them. A lot.
  • We don't let them get eaten by sabertooth tigers. Much.
There are probably plenty more examples that I could come up with if I wasn't so tired. The twins, they insist on snacks at night and I, being an Attachment Parent, comply.

The cuteness, you see, ensures it.

Emma reaches for Logan's bib after he's finished eating carrots. The carrots are always...errr...oranger? on the other guy.

Emma considers eating solid food. "Naaaah! I stick wif meeyulk."

I am an AP parent. With twins.

And an almost seven year old.
Dual cheek squeezing.

Life is good.

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Anonymous said...

For me it's not about a specific label but about giving my child what she needs when she needs it. I have been reading your blog for a while and you are a fantastic parent!

Nina said...

Serious kudos to you. I seriously am in awe of parents of multiples.

(And yes, slings are awesome but two in a sling? A recipe for back problems.)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thank you both! (Nina, I'm blushing!) BTE, you are right about the labels, but since I was asked to write for API, I guess I'm labeled. Maybe more of a sticky note?

And thanks for reading!

It's nice to know more than just my mom is out there reading. Um...except that she never comments. Hah!

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