Sunday, April 27, 2008

Seven Months

The twins celebrated their seven month-iversary here at Chez Hatchet today.

They rang in the day with a bang, by only waking 3 times last night! After putting them to bed in their side-by-side cribs at 9 pm, they woke at 12:30 am, 4 am and 7am. Eric assures me that Emma woke up a few other times in there, but since I was "off duty" for those, I apparently slept right through them! Um, yay? Well, Yay for me! since I got slightly more sleep and Yay for Eric! for handling the other assorted wake up calls.

In other news, Emma has really been working on her raspberry blowing skills. At Caitlin's after school play, Emma started a continual spray of raspberries. Perhaps it was a commentary on the fledgling acting skills on display or perhaps it was for the horrible dialog. We'll never know.

After practicing for a week, Emma totally has the hang of getting herself into a sitting position. She seems to use it as an alternative to crawling (still no actual crawling going on): she sits, then rolls like a tumbleweed, then sits and suddenly she's somewhere else than where she started and facing in a completely different direction. She never looks startled, so there must be some logic to this form of locomotion.

Every time I watch her do her tiny little push ups, I keep expecting her to keep on going and stand right up...and then fall over again, of course. I'm not in a hurry for that step, mind you, I'm just worried that I might miss it if I look away too long!
Emma shows you her push ups: The view from the back.

The view from the front.

Logan, on the other hand? Still no interest in self-motivating. However, he has yet to meet a food he doesn't like! Thanks to Misty, he and Emma have both been nibbling on Baby Mum-Mums and they really like them. Even Emma, who wants nothing to do with solid food and plans on breastfeeding until possibly middle school, likes these crackers.

"Yes. I will eat these. Not that glop, though."

I'm kind of wondering when Emma will deign to begin eating solid food or if I should just start smashing up whatever happens to be on my plate. I suppose I can wait, really, if she can. Maybe Logan's just trying to catch up on the weight gain. Or maybe...just maybe...Logan is a Foodie, too.
Carrots down. What's next? I can haz cheezburger yet?

The Queen eats what the Queen will eat. Do not question The Queen!

Heather bows down before the Queen.
Or she might just be chewing on Emma's hand. All depends on your perspective, doesn't it?

The twins continue to hone their musical talent and their sharing skills.
"Emma, you don't play so good. Don't quit your day job."

Did you know that 7 month olds aren't so good at sharing? I bet you did!
Emma is crushed by Logan's critique of her version of Chopsticks. She then executes a withering comeback:

Emma to Logan: "Yeah, well, they don't accept students to Julliard until they can walk! And are potty trained!"
Logan: "What?!"

Emma, casually: "And did you know that some people say that girls are easier to potty train?"

Logan: "Nooooo!"

Logan: "I guess we'd better both keep on practicing."

Tiny fingers.

Tiny fingers times two.

Logan: "Hey Emma, I bet those Julliard students have to eat solid food, too!"
Emma: "What?!"
Logan: "Heh heh heh!"

The future's so bright....

That's what the view from seven months looks like from here.

Now about that sleeping through the night thing...?


Scylla said...

They are darling, and good for you on getting more sleep.

I was an all night "crawl thru diner" so no sleep for me.

What play was Caitlin in?

Elaine A. said...

What a great post - I love all the pictures and the babies "talking" to each other!

My baby wasn't much for solids either and I then when he did start eating them he would scream when I tried to spoon feed him. He's been eating "finger foods" since about 8 months! They can be little stinkers about these things! : )

Elaine A. said...
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Heather said...

EEEEE!! I'm so glad that the side-by-side thing is working!! Just think, soon Emma will be able to stand up and pat, pat, pat Logan back to sleep. Keep it up! Make sure to hum a little tune while patting sleepy baby, then record the tune, push play, night night! Okay a little wishful thinking, but on the right track!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Misty! Sorry about the no sleep! Caitlin was in the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, adapted for random children action. So very, very weird.

Elaine: Really? Skipping right to finger foods? You know, it totally sounds like something she'd do. She is happy eating the really solid cracker-type Mum-mums, but not squishy stuff. Not even applesauce!

Heather: Yay for your crib! It's working really well. As a matter of fact, LAST night they only woke us up TWICE! At 2 am and then 6:15 am. It was AWESOME! Tonight I'm going to bed earlier than last night to take advantage of the potential extra few hours of sleep instead of...blogging. Or planting, actually.

Jennifer H said...

My day is always better when your twins carry on a conversation!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Yayyy Jennifer!

You know I keep doing it because you keep encouraging it! : )

Also, my brain works that way!

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