Thursday, April 03, 2008

Of Caitlin, Cannibals and Kisses

In case you couldn't tell from Tuesday's pictures, Caitlin has been in a much better space recently.

Ever since Sunday, she has been really good. Not perfect, mind you, but I'm not expecting perfection. I'd just like to see her be not surly and not wishing me harm. A decided lack of whining would make my day.

So imagine my surprise when we spent the majority of this week with the girl that says Please and Thank you and I love you and threw in some spontaneous hugs and protestations of loving her family sooooo much! It was like getting my little girl back and was so very nice I was almost suspicious.

Does this mean the craziness is over? Is this just a temporary reprieve? Is this the beginning of the end of the surliness and she'll go back to "normal", with patches of bad behavior?

Well, last night there was a blip of whiny surliness with a little side dish of screaming, so we're not out of the woods yet, but I can see daylight on the other side. I think.

- - - - -

I understand that babies research their world with all of their senses and thus put everything they can into their mouths, including the cat, but do we really have to eat Mommy's face?

Am I raising tiny cannibals or are they trying to kiss me? When do babies learn how to kiss, anyway? Are they trying to kiss me the way I kiss them or are they actually taste testing me? (Mommy needs some garlic and butter.)

Good thing they're so cute! I'm not normally into being slobbered on (Notice I have cats instead of dogs and I don't really like being licked. Doggie saliva = ew!), but I make an exception for my own offspring.

Under a certain age, that is. If Caitlin tries to lick my cheek we're gonna have to have a little talk.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Oooh, I love sloppy baby kisses - they are so sweet!

Welcome to the roller coaster that is the fairer sex, by the way. I sort of understand, now that I have a daughter, why guys are so puzzled by women's behavior.

jennifer h said...

My daughter, same thing. One minute, she hates me and doesn't care about me and wishes I was dead and was never her mother.

And the next? She loves me and I'm the best mommy ever in the whole whole whole wide world and the whole universe, too.

I need drugs. Or slobbery baby kisses. Either way. As long as it's someone else's baby :-)

Scylla said...

Damn, I guess I am going to have to stop licking your cheek whenever we say goodbye.
And here I thought you liked my spit.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Oh well, if it's yours, Misty, then it's OK.

Jennifer, you can have virtual sloppy baby kisses from over here. Just imagine someone has engulfed your chin or cheek in spit, while yanking on your hair or earrings.

You're welcome!

SC: good point. Are you saying boys don't do this stuff, though? No emotional outbursts are likely from Logan? That would be nice.

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