Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doctor! Doctor!

It's always interesting going to the doctor with the twins. And by "interesting", of course I mean "frustrating".

Yet again, we show up on time (Nay! Even early!) and are made to wait and wait and wait. Strangely enough, at the dentist's office, we showed up and after I grumped at the staff at the lack of an elevator to haul my twins and gear up to the second floor (No, really, I was pissed! What about the ADA laws?), I barely had time to seat my kiester into a chair before the tech showed up to get me for my cleaning. It was fast and efficient service. I was frankly amazed. They also didn't ask me the same questions that I had already filled out on the forms they requested, either.

Not so at the doctor's office.

How hard is it to print up that form, or get a screen shot or something from their files that answer all of the same questions we're asked at every single visit. Phone number? Any pets at home? Any other children? We've already answered these questions eight meeeel-yon times and considering that we were just here two months ago I shouldn't have to answer those questions again.

Call me crazy, but since all that data is already in their files and they're holding the file, I shouldn't have to waste my time, and theirs, answering questions to which they already have the answers.

Here Ends the Inefficient Doctor's Office Rant.


[Untwists knickers]

The twins are healthy and happy and progressing well on the growth and development charts. Even though I keep worrying (a little) about Logan being small, he's healthy and is following his own growth curve. The doc is completely unfazed or worried. It's just because Eric and I are such taaaaall people (Disclaimer: we're both under 5'7".) that I wonder why Logan is so teeny.

Oh well.

Looking at the twins, you'd think that Emma weighed more, but it's all a cheeky illusion. When we weighed them both, Emma tried to pull a fast one on us. I had left her in her diaper, which was slightly wet, and weighed Logan without his diaper because his was very wet. Since Logan (Read: Eric) was grumping that Emma always weighed more than he did, I decided to remove her diaper and weigh her again.

She does outweigh him. By one ounce.

Which might have been due to the fact that she had just nursed right before I weighed her again.


  • Height: 25" 25th-50th
  • Weight: 14 lbs 15 oz 25th-30th
  • Head: 16 1/2" 50th
  • Height: 25" 5th-10th
  • Weight: 14 lbs 14 oz 10th
  • Head: 17 1/4" 50th-75th
I think the peas Logan has been eating have been helping his head to bulk up!

It's a funny measurement because his head doesn't look big. I think we've discovered the Cheeky Visual Distortion Effect. If you have big cheeky cheeks like Emma, one assumes your head is larger. However, this is not necessarily the case. Logan may just have a Stealth Noggin.

After checking out his eczema and admiring their growth, the doctor pronounced them both fit as a fiddle (Really, how fit are fiddles anyway?) and left. The nurse was then left with the decidedly unpleasant needle pokey part.

Then the SCREAMING and the CRYING and eventually it was all over.

I hate needles. I hate watching my babies get shots. Eric is in charge of the holding-during-shots part and I take over the nursing and cuddling of screaming, red, pissed off babies part. Fun for the whole family!

Fortunately, they forgave us soon enough and we went gallumphing home.

Whereupon it occurred to me that Emma and Logan still don't equal one Oliver. Good thing I just whipped up some carrots and sweet potato to go with those peas. Eat up, twins!
Clockwise: Peas, carrots and sweet potatoes.

The peas were getting lonely in the freezer.

By the way, today is the very last day you can vote for Emma in the photo contest (We're currently tied for 3rd place!). Clicky!

Updated to add: Logan snarfed down the sweet potatoes, while Emma had barely a taste and decided that she'd had enough. Clearly it's up to Logan to close the distance in baby weight. Emma says she's happy sticking with breastmilk.

Also, why do I find myself making eating faces while feeding babies? And saying "Yompf!" as Logan snarfs up another spoonful? This feeding behavior thing is weird. Is it just me?


Missy said...

Nope. I found it nearly impossible not to engage in that behavior when I had babies to feed.

Not such a bad thing really. Good mirroring behavior for the tot to get those neurons firing!

Kim said...

When I feed my nephews and niece, I always go "hamumumumum...." So no...it's not weird at all! :-)

Jennifer H said...

The doctor's office really should have an elevator, and I'm quite surprised that they don't. Filling out forms every time is infuriating. Can't they just ask if anything has changed since the last visit??

Glad to hear the twins are doing so well. And, it's impossible NOT to make those faces!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

"stealth noggin" = awesome.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks everyone!

Jennifer: as part of my hissy fit over the lack of an elevator, I asked about it and was told the building was "grandfathered in" or some such and thus didn't have to have one to meet ADA laws. The front doors are wide and automated and thus wheelchair accessible and apparently any business they need to do with handicapped clients they arrange to do on the first floor.

Not helpful for those of us with piles o' progeny, but good to know.

Jenny: heh heh!

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