Thursday, April 10, 2008

Twenty Eight Weeks

Just the other day I was telling Heather that Logan is really quiet. Emma is busy mom-mom-momming, but Logan isn't doing much "talking" other than squees and laughter and the occasional Ah-goo. Today, however, he decided to jump in to the verbal arena and since Emma was working on mom-mom sounds, he went with the old stand-by: da-da-da.

What is up with these twins? Is it normal that they leapfrog one another developmentally? Because it's pretty funny watching it happen around here.

Logan appears to be about 1 to 2 weeks behind Emma. For example, when she was turning herself into a pretzel to get to her feet, he wasn't interested. Now, however, there are toes jammed into his mouth every chance he gets. While Emma is stepping around the house while we hold her hands, Logan isn't quite there. His feet drag a little, then a few steps, then more dragging. He's still a major flirt in public, while Emma isn't.

Oh and he likes to eat.
"Oh wow! Peas? Yum!"

"Dad, give my compliments to the chef!"

After being disinterested for a couple of weeks, he is powering down solid food again. He lunges at the spoon and waves his hands in the air excitedly as you shovel food in. You have to occasionally wrestle the spoon away from him with promises of more food, faster.

While Emma just kind of tastes it and wants to move on to other things. Like almost crawling.
"You people call this food?! Where's my agent! Peas! As if!"

She's so close! It's very cute to watch her get into Frog Position and rock back and forth while Logan "airplanes" beside her.

Did I ever officially tell you we're no longer living in Vomit Central? We aren't. Haven't been for a good two months, other than when Emma got sick seven times in one day. While we have a random wet burp, it's all good: they're keeping it down. We still go through a lot of laundry, but not as much as before. We've also cut down on baths. Not to worry, though! Now we have this:

"Splish, splash! We was takin' a baf! Early on a Saturday mornin'!"

These shots are from the first time we have ever dared to bathe them both together. They enjoyed it (much splashing the other in the face), but it definitely required two adults since they are still in the falling-over-randomly stage of development.
Chipmunk cheeks and chubby thighs. That's what little girls are made of.
"Nom nom nom. Deese hands tastes like waters! Nom!
"Dad!" Emma whispers urgently, "Logan is eatin' his hands. I don't think he's so OK in da head."

"Whaaat? I can't help it! I tastes good."

They both still love being flipped upside down as Emma demonstrates here:
"Hmmm. This being upside-down is verrrry interesting. Now show me 'flying'."

She's been working on what I refer to as her Granny Lips face. It's part of making the "Ummm" sound, but since she doesn't have any teeth it always makes her look like a little old granny who gums her food.
"Nyah! I not old granny!"
Emma objects.

You can see a Half-Granny here:
Someone always has to mess up a group shot, don't they? I'm lookin' at you, Granny!

I get a kick out of how often people comment on the fact that the twins don't really look all that much alike. Well, they aren't identical and they are opposite sexes, so it wasn't likely that they would. I think it's the eye color that throws most people though. Now, however, I have a nice assortment of eye colors: blue, green/grey and brown. If Logan goes blond and Emma brown I'll then have a blond, brunette and red (auburn) head!

Collect all three!

Logan, Caitlin and Emma assure you that yes, indeed, they are related.

Oh yeah, there's still time to vote for Emma in the photo contest. She's in fifth place, people! Fifth!


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Put Caitlin in the tub to hold one of the twins. It really helps.

Caitlin said...

Mommy, that is really good!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

SC: I would have but it was past her bedtime. And if I'd shot her with them I wouldn't have posted it. Naked babies, yes, but not my eldest!

Caitlin: Thank you honey. Have fun with Grammy tonight! I love you!

Caitlin said...

I didn't say that!

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