Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nineteen Weeks

Emma set two records today. Largest number of clothing changes in a single day: 7. Most baths in one day: 3.

It started off simply enough, she spit up on herself a little this morning. Not wanting to smell her for the rest of the day, I changed her outfit. Then there was a massive diaper blowout which necessitated a bath and change. After that, another small spit up, but larger than the first one. Then a big one, into my lap. The one after that was all over Eric, leaving him needing a shower as well as her. Then another, which wasn't too bad but needed a clothing change. She finally fell asleep around 10pm, but the threw up on herself while sleeping and needed a bath. And finally (?) just now, down my shirt as I started this entry. Which left me needing a bath and Emma wearing yet another set of clothes.
Emma says, "Bleaaargh!"

I share because I love!

Actually, it has been fairly vomit free in these here parts for more than a week, so I wonder if something is up? She isn't running a fever and is as happy as ever, but I wonder if she managed to pick up a stomach bug from Heather? I only suggest that because Heather was tossing her cookies today and had been over yesterday, snuggling babies. Hmm....


The twins are doing all sorts of cute things these days, although sleeping through the night has not been one of them. They've both been waking up at 3 or 4 am, which leads to insanity. Mine.

Instead, there has been an increasing amount of laughter on Logan's part, especially when we swing him up into the air over our heads. This also doubles as exercise since they are essentially Military Presses with Infant. Fourteen pounds doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up quickly because every time I stop, he cries. So I have to keep on going until he's willing to stop. It takes a lot of Presses for him to be tired of them!
Daddy is funny!

Logan's skin has healed up very nicely from the eczema (Mentioned here when treatment with new super strength cortisone started and the first time here.). As a matter of fact, that stuff worked like a charm! His skin is perfect! Soft skin should be. Emma is great, too, but she never went on to the heavy duty stuff. We just slathered her down with regular lotion about 4 times a day. It's so much nicer and they aren't ripping at their skin any longer. As a bonus, the weird red spot on the back of Logan's head has cleared up through repeated applications of the cortisone and he's no longer trying to scratch while falling asleep. Yay!
I feel so much better!

Emma started flipping over the easy way last Thursday (week 18). She startled herself the very first time she did it, in the crib, while I was folding laundry next to her. This means, of course, that she's completely unsafe to leave anywhere but the floor or a crib. She's a tiny tumbleweed. Logan still hasn't figured out how to flip over the hard way, but I have faith that he'll figure it out.

Emma's latest cool new trick? Crawling backwards.

Or scooting. Whatever you want to call it, she starts out here and ends up over there, very frustrated since the toy has gotten farther away from her reach. Do you know what this means?!

It means crawling is just around the corner.

Time lapse spinning. Photos taken every 30 seconds. Crawling not too far away. Eek!
I'm done! Pick me up!

Caitlin started out the same way: backwards for a couple of weeks and then forwards. I guess we'd better get the house back into baby-safe mode! Logan is gonna be jealous!

The milestone I don't think I'll ever forget, though was Babies First Caucus. How cool! It was there that I also discovered that Logan likes crowds while Emma doesn't. We were surrounded by folks and while Logan was busy flirting with anyone that smiled at him, Emma was getting overwhelmed by all of the folks trying to smile at her. I had noticed that at the doctor's office, but thought it was a fluke. Guess not!

Something interesting: a lady from the Market gave birth to a girl the day before we had the twins. I ran into her last weekend (Oof!) and noticed that her daughter's eyes are in the process of changing from blue to brown, while Logan's are still vibrantly blue. I guess those baby blues are here to stay. It's always fun having to explain Mendelian inheritance to the general public when they start looking at me funny again (Both Eric and I have brown eyes. Although mine are starting to look greenish. Weird!). So now we have green, blue and brown-eyed children. Fun!
Little Blue Eyed Boy.

Both Emma and Logan are starting to take interest in whatever I'm eating. They aren't at the grabbing-my-food stage, yet, but when they get there we'll be ready. For that matter, we've decided to make out own babyfood this time. Firstly because it will be cheaper, but also because both Misty and Swistle made it look easy. Which led me to this site.

But now it is very late (or extremely early: 1 am) and I must attempt sleep.

Photos tomorrow.

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Scylla said...

What's weird is that all our children have blue eyes, and all of us have brown.

Maybe they are all indigo children.

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