Thursday, February 14, 2008


I was positively hounded by the twins today.



They are experiencing a growth spurt, or at least that is how I am defining the fact that they wake every two hours at night to nurse and barely sleep during the day. This has been going on for the last week.

Today, while I was on the phone, they were both screaming. Not being able to handle both and the phone (I'm not that talented), I put one down in one room and worked on calming the other elsewhere in the house. Then, to the tune of blood curdling screams, I'd put the oh-so-temporarily calm one down to get the screamer.

Screaming because the air hurts them. Or maybe an insufficient supply of Being cuddled, but not by you! Not like that! Where's the milk?! I want something that you don't have/can't get/make!

You know, screaming because they are infants. Le sigh.

Talk, nurse (or attempt to), listen to screaming, swap out Calm Baby who becomes Screamer Baby and repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I'm tellin' you: I need a Pause button and a Volume control.

Sorry about the screamin' Elisava!


People in the Sun said...

My little guy looked at me like he was so offended. An hour earlier playing with the zipper of the little sack(?) he was wearing was the most fun thing in the world. The sound of the zipper going up and down made him the happiest two-months-old. Yet, an hour later I did the same thing and he gave me that, "What the hell are you doing?" look. And he was offended and he cried like he was auditioning for Sophie's Choice.

It's still a lot of fun, though.

Which makes twins twice as fun, I can only assume.

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Hello, People! (Sounds funny to address you that way, though. Your acronym would be PITS, so that's not an improvement....)

The stuff they squeal for in one moment becomes the things they scream about in another. Except being lifted into the air. That seems to be fun no matter what!

Thanks for dropping by!

elisava said...

oh heck, don't worry about it.
if i hadn't perfected the talent of ignoring crying babies, i'd never get anything done!

People in the Sun said...

See, one day I started a blog but I didn't really know what I was doing and I didn't get the whole blog-name thing, so the People in the Sun author name stayed with me. I got used to it. I know it doesn't make much sense.

And as for throwing him in the air, I'll go one step at a time. I never held a baby before December, so I'm making good progress. The other day I was going to brush my teeth while holding the baby, and I was thinking how crazy it was that I was getting so professional at this baby-thing. Then I banged his head on the sink. That's okay. He's tall. he's going to be an athlete anyway.

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