Friday, February 08, 2008

Always Respect the Claws

Valerie lost her kitty, Ozzy, to cancer last week. Last night she wrote a Speaking for him. Essentially a eulogy. If you've ever loved and lost a pet, especially a cat, you should go read it.
Rules of Ozzie:

- I can touch you, you can't touch me.
- I can come up to you and sniff and put my paw on you and sit up so I can get very close to you..... but that still doesn't mean you can pet me.
- If you don't follow this rule I will hiss. At the very least.
- If you show any fear I may swipe at you as you walk by me.

You might need a few tissues. I'm just sayin'....

I'm still a little haunted by Pixel, but in a good way (For more about Pixel, just search my blog for his name. There are many stories. Bring tissues.). Each loss leaves a little hole in your heart. Each kitty seems to ghost through the house for up to a year after their death. Are they tiny furred ghosts or are they just really loud memories? I don't think you can live with anyone for 16 years and not see them walking through your days for ages after they are officially gone.

Can you?

I don't generally believe in ghosts, but kitties seem to be different. Then again, other than my immediate family and Eric, I've never lived as long with anyone that has died other than my cats. Their deaths always feel a lot more real than that of the humans in my life that have died.

That's pretty weird, isn't it?


Valerie said...

Aw, thanks. What a crazy kitty Ozzie was.

And I was keeping such close tabs on him that last week cause I wanted to know where he was and make sure he was ok. I caught myself looking for him last week, I think that has slacked off a bit now but I still keep expecting him to show up. Like maybe he just went on a walkabout and will be back.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful eulogy and yes I am crying. My Diamond is gone over 6 years & his little kitty ghost is still around. He used to wait by the sliding glass door of the deck to come in & every once in a while I think I see him. In fact one day I did a double take cuz there WAS a cat right there, where Diamond used to sit. Joseph said maybe he is one of Diamond's grandkittens. I hope so. Janet in New York, hoping that maybe this time my comment will show & won't make my computer freeze

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!! It finally worked!!!!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Go Janet! /you show that computer who's boss!

C said...

I still miss Contessa & Meowers, two of the greatest felines ever. Contessa would sit on Bob's shoulder as he ate breakfast, and Meowers taught her how to cross the street--Misty saw them! Every once in a while I think I see Meowers, but Contessa hasn't visited yet. We had each of them for about 20 years...Now we have Muggsy, whom we got to catch mice, but she's too old. Sigh.

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