Friday, February 15, 2008

Twenty Weeks

Twenty weeks has kicked our butts.

No, seriously, 4.5 months old and there's a growth spurt going on and there's no sleeping going on around these here parts. For the last week, they've been waking every 2 hours all night long. Both of them. Not much napping during the day, either. Today, they finally started napping again.

Bad enough when it was just Logan every 3-4 hours. Nowadays, 3-4 hours of sleep is looking really nice! Funny what perspective will do for ya, huh?
"Emma! I honk your nose. Honk! Honk!"

Let's see, other than that there isn't a lot of big change that happened from last week to this week. Logan still hasn't rolled over the hard way and neither one sits up on their own for long without toppling over and going Bonk! They both love being swung into the air and turned upside down. And they're still absolutely crazy about this girl:
Caitlin tries on her new swimsuit.

Too bad she's gone away for the weekend. They're gonna miss her! She's off galumphing about with her cousins in the mountains for the three day weekend. Us? We'll be practicing sleeping. We drove her to Denver to meet up with Aunt Jenni and I got to do a little shopping for a cute pair of jeans, two shirts and a necklace. We're calling the necklace an early birthday present from Eric. My birthday? Not until next month.

Well, I said it was an early present, didn't I?!

Before she left, Caitlin got some snuggling in with the twins and I got some cute pictures of the three of them. Yay!

[In a sing-song voice] One of these expressions is not like the others!

Logan started to get grumpy, so then it became an all girl shoot.
Emma says, "Nom nom nom! Dis Caitlin taste good!"

I will hug her and squeeze her and call her My Sister.

Oh, actually there was a new thing: Logan is trying to convince us that he's ready for solid food.
"Dis my eatin' face. Nom! Nom! You gives me cake now. I ready."

We dropped by Sara's to chill with her, The Hazel-Who and Katie and she offered us a slice of ice cream cake. Who are we to refuse ice cream cake? Eric, who had Logan in his lap, had to fend off the blighter from snatching his cake. Logan kept making these incredibly loud lip smacking sounds while watching Eric eat.

Eric, being the soft touch that he is, offered the tiniest amount of whipped cream on a finger-tip to Logan who slurped it down and got really wide-eyed.

I guess we'll be breaking out the mashed bananas this weekend.
Could he look any smaller in that high chair?!

"Now I play da air piano. You like? I play Mozart for you."

Maybe I'll even photograph it. Who knows?

Peace, y'all!
(Note that Logan is trying to give you the peace sign, too.)


Valerie said...

So Cute!

Anonymous said...

what an incredibly cute bunch of pictures these are. Caitlin & Emma together so so so cute.... Logan playing the piano - I knew he was talented! Caitlin is so beautiful in her new swimsuit. She looks so grown-up!!!! Love to all those cuties, from New York

Red Flashlight said...

Caitlin is a very cool older sister! Those twins are lucky.

Scylla said...

Your aim with a camera belies your sleeplessness... I think there may be hope for you yet!

Call me sometime, we can kvetch.

alessa said...

Emma winking as little Er-jr looks like he's ready to commence a screaming jag as older sister hams it up, now that's a picture worth a thousand words...

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks gang!

Logan actually napped today. For about 2 hours. It was incredible! Now let's see if he sleeps tonight...!

I should go do some of that, too.


Valerie said...

Looking again, those highchairs are HUGE! The boys were pretty much done with them before they even reached the footrest. And they are tall!

Maybe a different temperament of child would stay in it longer and take better advantage of the growth potential of those chairs, but alas not us.

Swistle said...

You got such great sibling shots! Those are so challenging--someone ALWAYS seems to have a crazy expression when I take pictures of groups of kids.

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