Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Why is it called Being Fresh when she acts so Spoiled?

The day started off with a bang. Caitlin told Eric that she doesn't like him any more. I already know how she currently feels about me and it ain't pretty. Unfortunately for her, the feeling is getting to be mutual.

Eric's betrayal? He made her go to school. On a school day. He's a right bastard, he is. She even refused to get out of the car, which didn't go over well, let me tell you!

Tonight she was hollered at about homework, harrassing us about dinner (There's only so many times I really need to hear you announce that you're staaaaarving! Once. Maybe twice if I didn't acknowledge your imminent death, but no more than that.), taking a bath, teeth brushing, getting ready for bed, and backtalk. I lost it at the backtalk which occurred while she was supposed to be putting on PJs. Then there was the single swat, the demand that she get in bed right now through gritted teeth and the loss of any and all playdates for at least a week. Tomorrow I will clean all of her toys and books out of her room and put them into the garage.

Let's be clear on this: I know she's "only" 6.5 years old and I do not expect her to be perfectly behaved, but it shouldn't take getting yelled at




To eat dinner like a civilized person, do her homework, take a bath, brush her teeth and get ready for bed. She has had to do this same exact sequence of events all of her life (some items, like homework are admittedly new) and it should never be a surprise to her that behavior that got her in trouble yesterday is getting her in trouble again today.

I don't care how bright she is. This behavior is unacceptable. She won't make it to seven at this rate.

And I'm tired of playing the Bad Cop to Eric's Good Cop.

And if the twins act like this when they turn six? I'm running away from home.


BigChunkySoul said...

Have I ever mentioned the one-up-manship of MY 6.5 year old? Well, he's now 11, and everything is, "hang on" "hold on" "one sec!" "later" (grrrrrrr, I hate that one), "I'll do it in a minute"...blah blah blah.

It's a wonder that we continue having them. I guess that grandparents really DO have the last laugh!

Luckily, when they get older, regardless of a*hole-ish-ness, they actually get the humor in things like "wiener poopie" YouTube videos, and will cry laughing with you. Sad trade-off, but at least it involves laughter and good crying.

Plus, just 13 years, ONE DOWN. :-)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks, BCS!

I am counting down the years! Just so frustrated that at 2 she was better behaved. Then at 3, and 4. With this progression I won't survive 7 let alone 12! Aieee!

Scylla said...

You will make it! It will get better.
She is still likely dealing with some twin issues too.

I sends you luv.

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