Friday, February 01, 2008

Hatchet SMASH!

Hatchet angry.

No. You not understand.

Hatchet ANGRY!

Hatchet scratched, pinched, bitten, screamed and whined at. Hatchet get NO SLEEP.

Hatchet feel psychotic angerrrrrrr. Raaaaarrrrr!

Hatchet go get blood drawn. Feel infinitismally tiny bit better. Hatchet take babies to doctor to just visit. Doctor and staff fuss. Hatchet small better. Hatchet fall asleep in car (Is OK. Husband driving.) and get tiny nap. Hatchet feel little better.

Hatchet get chocolate doughnut (Is TOO how you spell it, dumb machine!) and tall glass of milk.

Starting to feel human again.

Maybe life not so bad after all.*

Mmmmm! Doughnuts!

* But you better not pinch me no more!

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