Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Just a Number...Isn't It?

The tiny people in my life are getting bigger. They might just equal One Otter now.


Together they weigh 33 lbs 3 oz. (Are we there yet, Misty?)

Emma says, "Lady, you make dis baby?" Yes, that's Otter standing next to Emma. They're back!

The funny thing about raising twins is always having another baby of the same age around to compare with constantly. Is Logan small (Logan says he's not "too small", he's "easily portable!")? Is Emma big (Hah! Not hardly! Caitlin was a Chunk-a-lunka at this same age.)? I don't actually worry about Logan or Emma's weight and height stats until after the doctor's appointment. When you see those percentiles getting smaller you have to start to wonder just what's going on, especially when surrounded by friends whose children are all in the 95th to 100th percentile rankings. Shouldn't all that height be rubbing off on my kids?

Then again, I did mention that if you want to be my friend you must be at least 5'9" to ride, didn't I?

Perhaps I just have to accept the fact that Eric and I just make smaller babies and be done with it. It's not as if Caitlin is looming over her peers.

Maybe I'm just not convinced that it is me who is short, but y'all who are tall. Well, except for Heather. She gets special dispensation for being shorter than me. I blame it on the introductory chai.* She swept me off my feet! She's really cute! Um...someone had to finally be shorter than me?

Yeah, maybe that last one.


You know you're a worry wart when you have to check in with your pediatrician to find out if you should be worried and then when they say all professional-like "No.", you worry anyway.

I blame it on Logan's tendency to be easily distracted when nursing (The weight gain - or lack thereof - not the worry wart thing.). If we're not in a quiet room, he'd rather be crawling around and getting into things than nursing. Emma is quite happy to take her share and half of his, which explains which explains why she's a whopping three ounces heavier than he is. The issue seems to be that even though they're still nursing and eating solid food, all of the crawling, their weight gain has started to taper a bit, which is expected once babies get mobile. Yet here I am, looking at numbers and percentiles and feeling a wee bit worried. However, when I look at my children, they look just fine.

Maybe I'll just stick with that.

"I like da foods. I eat more. Nom! Nom! Nom!"

Look at those thighs! Those are edible baby thighs.

Emma and Logan go for their first swing in the mountains.

* This won't make any sense unless you're Heather, so never you mind!


Jennifer H said...

Those babies are perfect!

screamish said...

edible baby thighs???

um....this is obviously a mummy thing...!

sara said...

hazel acually dropped OFF THE CHART after her first year she was so skinny. and then here's our second, kate, who, at eight months, ALMOST WEIGHS AS MUCH AS HER THREE YEAR OLD SISTER. and we have done nothing different between the two. kids are just different. as long as they are growing, what can you do?

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

If he were hungry, you'd know it!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Jennifer: Thanks!

Screamish: It will all make sense once you have your own babies. There's something about tiny hand, feet and legs that makes a person come all over nibbly. Babies are made to be nibbled on. : )

Sara: Off the chart? Yowsa! Kate is clearly just trying to catch up really fast.

SC: That's the thing, he freaks out when it's time to eat, so we do know when he's hungry and then we stuff him full of food. I suspect he's read too much Peter Pan and wants to stay small.

Anonymous said...

your babies added together equal my 5yo :) I have teeny kids. Did more than my fair share of worrying about the first one - who left the chart and made his OWN curve well below it - but by #3 I now know that these are just our genes! Really, what can you do about it anyway!? Growth is out of our control :)

Woman with a Hatchet said...

That's a good way to look at it: we're making our own growth curve! And they are trending upwards, continually gaining weight, but it's so weird to see them just barely ON the chart!

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