Sunday, July 20, 2008

And They Said, "I Do"

Or was it "I will"? I can't remember.

In the end, though, they are married. Happily.

Now for the Ever After part!

Congratulations to Scott & Sierra on their wedding!

Thanks for having us. However, since we were all in the wedding party (Except for the twins. Nana-Sue came to wrangle the twins during the ceremony and photographs. Thanks, Sue!) I wasn't able to take very many pictures at all.

I have to admit, though, that I spent an inordinate amount of time making goo-goo eyes at Misty during the wedding ceremony since she was on the other side of the aisle from me and Eric wasn't visible from where I was standing. Otherwise, I would have made goo-goo eyes at him.

Probably. [Snicker!]

Chatting with the flower girls.

Sierra and Eric discuss Deep Important Issues while a crowd forms.

Eric and the gang waiting to process.

Scott's family.

Cake, anyone?

So instead of hiding behind the camera shooting madly, I was forced to experienced the wedding and reception directly and had to, you know, interact. With a twin balanced on my hip. Which is why there are no pictures of them in their wedding finest. If you thought the twins were tough to blog around, they're even tougher to photograph around. Someone is always trying to eat the lens or the strap. Or bounces around while you try to focus.

The wedding was lovely, the day was fine, the bride and groom were beautiful, the flowers were fantastic (Great job, Heather!), the food yummy and although there were many cakes, I only had a slice of one. Twin wrangling keeps you from having too much spare time to graze, as it turns out. Which was really rather unfortunate considering the bounty of cake that was there for the plundering!

Quick! Tell me about the best wedding you've been to (Other than your own.) and what made it especially great/fun/wonderful. Distract me from the cake!



Cousin Janet in NY said...

To be honest, YOUR wedding was the one in the most beautiful setting.
I remember driving up, up, up that long steep road & arriving at that beautiful outdoor ampitheater which
had the most beautiful view. The weather was magnificent, so the ceremony was so beautiful. And gramma Emma looking so strinkingly lovely in her bright turquoise dress, just days before she turned 90. It was a beautiful wedding. The party afterwards was beautiful
too, the food was fabulous, & looked so pretty, thanks to Grammy
& her friend whose name I forgot.
Was it Sue? I remember as I left (so my son could change out of the
awful-feeling suit), seeing Jenni joyously dancing the Macarena, with that beautiful happy smile on her face. I've been to many lovely weddings, but yours was really memorable. And the photo of Grammy with Herb, Dennis & Grampy was definitely a one-in-a-
million. Love to all,
Cousin Janet in New York

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Thanks Janet!

Actually, I think it was Pat. The food was beautiful, wasn't it?

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