Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Caitlin's Big Adenture: The Week in Review

Or how to overcome your homesickness and have a helluva good time.

Saturday: jump on a wolf plane,
arrive late at night with your uncle,
eat NY pizza (Good grief! Why is it square?! By all that's holy, NY pizza is SQUARE now?)
and drink a Shirley Temple.
In NY only a few hours and she's already boozin' it up. I have no idea how she's going to behave when she gets home and is cut off from the constant sugar mainlining that seems to be taking place.

Sunday: spend some time cooling her heels in church with uncle Matt,
listening to Aunt Dawn

sing with the choir. (Not a euphemism for getting a bad case of dead: Dawn is actually in a choir in which there is singing.) Then it's off to the NY aquarium!
Lolrus alert! "Does this camera angle make me look fat?"

Caitlin discovers a riding walrus.

Sunday night: one very intense, horribly homesick phonecall. Mom and dad soothe, soothe, soothe via phone. Caitlin feels better.

Monday: Coney Island! Where she did not try a snack of crispy fried frog's legs, although I did encourage her to ask for them. No, seriously! She did, however, get to try blue cotton candy and didn't like it. Hah! Turns out she was a few inches too short to ride The Cyclone, Caitlin made do with the kiddie rides (and a new sweater, I note).
And scored a Harley.

Apparently Dawn screamed like a little girl on one of those kiddie rides that she shared with Caitlin as they went spinning off into infinity.

Monday night: Caitlin cons uncle Matt into telling her a bedtime story that he has to make up on the spot. Uncle Matt is now firmly under the spell of Princess Charming.

Tuesday: A brunch trip to The American Girl Place on Fifth Avenue!
Where she spent her very own money!
After that, they trundled off to FAO Schwartz, where Caitlin approved of the Lego displays.
Then a trip to the Central Park Zoo where she posed with the Statue of Liberty.

Wednesday - Saturday: Hand-off to Cousin Janet who nearly dies from the Awesomeness that is Caitlin. First tomato crop goes to Caitlin!
Meeting 2nd cousin Matt.
Snuggling with Great Aunt Lenore.

A trip to the Bronx Zoo, a little face painting and an ice cream cone.

Caitlin is guarded at night by a cheetah

and Lexie the dog.
I feel certain I am never going to stop hearing about how we should get a dog once Caitlin gets back home. Ruh-roh!

Sunday: head to Canada where today she's off whale watching. I'm looking forward to those pictures!

Nice vacation, huh?


screamish said...

cousin janet ahs some GREAT tomato plants going there.

I would love love love to hve a weekend like Caitlin's/ someone take me to Coney Island!

Cousin Janet from NY said...

Thanks! This is the best my garden has been in years! Funny thing is, my tomatos have never ripened this early, & I was hoping that since Caitlin is the "Tomato Monster" she could at least have one, & then the day she was leaving, suddenly we had 7 ripe ones, all for her. Perfect ending for her week with us.

Dawn said...

Caitlin has been enjoying all the grape tomatoes she can get her hands on here! Uncle Matt sent an email with directions to full size pics from our day of whale watching - so look out for that. There were finback whales, sea lions, & porpoises, as well as sea gulls. jellyfish, and some other cool sea life in a little touch-tank/cooler that the lady on the boat passed around.

Jennifer H said...

Can I send my girl next summer? :)

Looks like she's having such a great time...she will have so many fun memories from this trip.

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