Friday, July 17, 2009

The tastiness of the few or the one does not outweigh the tastiness of the many

Or in other words: I had to rip a tomato plant out because it was...diseased.

Makes me sad. Also, it continues to impress upon me just why it is that having air circulation around tomato plants is key. Personally, I'm blaming the rainy weather we had all through June for this death, since this is a plant that was open on 2 other sides.


In other veggie news, we've been eating zucchini and straightneck yellow squash for days now and it's still not getting old. I even forgot about a zuke for an extra day or two and despite its hugeness, it had a place in my kitchen as zucchini bread. Since Caitlin is out of town, I went crazy and added walnuts to it. Wouldn't you know it? The twins loved it and aren't showing any allergic reactions to either peanut butter or walnuts.

We had our first pesto of the seaon two days ago and I must say: yum! I started looking around for crackers to put it on and am now considering baking my own crackers. Apparently they're supposed to be even easier than bread. Who knew? If anyone has a recipe for a Carr's whole wheat cracker-type cracker, let me know. I love those buggers to little bits and I'd love to be able to duplicate it in my kitchen.

Still waiting on the corn, beans and tomatoes. They're growing oh-so-slowly out there. However, the lettuces look like they're trying to bolt, so I guess we'd better get into salad eating mode.

How go things in your gardens? Make anything yummy recently?


Cousin Janet from NY said...

I would like to announce that the cherry-tomato Princess herself was the one to pick & eat my first 4 ripe cherry tomatos today, just before she left us for the North Country. She will be deeply missed by everyone in this house. Especially Lexie since Caitlin throws the frisbee all over the yard for her all day long!!!! She is an extremely amazing child!!!!

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Yay for first tomatoes! I'm sure Caitlin really loved it.

Thanks for taking such great care of her, Janet!

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