Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Twenty Five Months

Wait. Do I still have to do these by months? Two years and a month doesn't have the same ring about it, does it?

A lot has happened over the past month. Here's the recap:
  1. Since Emma looked like she was about to vault over the side of her crib, we removed both cribs and put the mattresses on the floor. The twins now sleep, side by side, on the floor without bars keeping them from escaping. We do make sure we shut their door, though.
    "Dis mah bed. Dis mah brudder. He crazy."

  2. Emma finally said Logan's name...yesterday. He can say her name, as can she, but neither said Logan until I asked her to yesterday ("Yogan"). She still just calls him "Brudder" or "baby".
  3. Both of the twins refer to Caitlin as "Kay-Kay" or "sissy".
  4. We've started trying a little potty training and Emma peed in the potty once (this past week!)! Singing and dancing ensued. No further potty action has taken place. Phoo. Logan wants nothing to do with the potty, but is happy to tell you that he needs a new "diapah". As in, "Diapah wet." or "Poopie! Poopie diapah."
  5. We took the whole family out to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs this past Sunday. It was the first movie the twins have ever seen in a theatre! It went pretty well! They stayed on our laps for the first half of the movie and then needed to get down. Since we were in the second row of seats and it was a pretty empty theatre, they had the entire first row to walk around in and the main aisle to run around in while the movie played on. At one point, each twin separately came up, sat in my lap, grabbed my head and gave me a big old smooch. Just 'cause. Sweet!
  6. We stopped using the highchairs and now have the twins eating at the table with us, on regular chairs, with regular spoons and forks. The Mess Index just shot up by a factor of 10. Ugh.
    "Oat meeuhl. Iz gud."

  7. They've gained a huge pile of words in the last month. I'd like to tell you what they are, but it's been a blur. Except that they no longer like to say just "No.", but "No way!". At some point, I'm sure they'll switch to "Oh hell no!", but that may be awhile. Logan's new phrase is "Come back!", mostly uttered to escaping kitties. Emma likes to say "I gonna getchu! I gonna getchu, fishies!" and no, I have no idea how that originated. Too much Finding Nemo?
  8. At their 2 year wellness check, we again verified that Emma is 4 ounces heavier than Logan and a couple of inches taller. He's still in the 3rd percentile, but still totally trending upwards on his very own curve. Emma is in the 10th percentile, but also still curving upwards. Yet they both have 50th percentile noggins. Go figure.
  9. Their ridiculous levels of agility and fearlessness means they like to climb to the very top of the play structure and slide down the biggest slide. Oh yes, it does.
  10. Both twins have discovered a new, unholy love of chasing Domino around and laughing like complete maniacs. The cat does not appreciate the exercise. I have to fight to not cackle out loud and instead insist they treat him gently and move them away when it seems like they have him cornered. I'm pretty certain there's only so much he's going to put up with before he comes out swingin'. Kaboom, on the other hand, is totally happy letting either twin pet his belly. And he's the scaredy cat!
  11. Logan has discovered a new and enduring love of cars. He received a little wooden one for his birthday and slept with it for weeks. Now when we go out, he has to have a car and his blankie. And a water bottle. My arms are getting awfully full.
    Tiny orange car in kung-fu action grip left hand.

  12. Emma is a monkey. Yes, you already knew that. However, on Monday she climbed straight up a 6' tall seedling rack I had in the backyard. She was able to go up, but not down. Caitlin, who had been outside with the twins, yelled for help. When I came out onto the deck, I saw Emma almost all the way at the top and had an inner freak out. Then she started saying, "Hep me! Hep me!" in her tiny voice and it totally cracked me up; she was my kitten stuck in a tree. I plucked her off the rack and she clung to me happily. I don't think she's "learned her lesson", but I do think she was relieved to be rescued.
  13. The twins have been practicing going down the stairs like big people do: forwards. Mostly this seems to involve yelling from the top step "Hand! Hand!" until you oblige them and help them down the stairs. Sometimes they hold onto the rail as they go down instead, but they sure seem to like yelling "Hand! Hand!" a lot more.
    "I go downstairs. I gotta take dis call."

    In case you're wondering why she's wearing a winter jacket and pjs, the answer is: she's two.
    "I'm comin' down, you bedder move."
    "I'm goin' up. YOU bedder move!"

  14. I feel certain they had their first sentence in this last month, but damned if I can remember what it was! "Dat's good!" comes up often in reference to something I made for dinner. "What's dat?" or "What's dis?" comes up all the time, but doesn't count as a sentence.
  15. There's been a big increase in the amount of "Peese!" I get on a daily basis. Color me "pleased".
  16. We've got them working on the concept of "Trade", when yelling "Share!" wasn't getting them what they wanted. Trade seems to work about 75% of the time. The rest of the time is screaming and crying and possible sibling whacking which doesn't work at all, but is oddly satisfying to the 2 year old mind.
  17. The twins really like to drink out of regular cups, but I'm not willing to put up with all of the spilling. Yet. Occasionally we'll give them a tiny cup with 1/2" of water in it to try and limit the damage they can do. Bet you didn't know that a 1/2" of water can be spread in a 6' puddle through which short people can frolic and splash. It's twin magic.
    "Mmmm! Wadder!"


  18. Still have no clue when Logan is going to sleep all the way through the night on a regular basis. Maybe next year. ACK!
    "I don't need no sleep! I borned caffeinated!"

  19. Cellphones. Madly in love with. Madly.
    "Mom! No pictures! I'm on da phone!"

    "Yeah, I'm gonna have ta call you back."

  20. They've discovered the thrill of running in different directions when we're at school, picking Caitlin up. I've discovered the thrill of overalls-as-handles. Freakin' awesome!
    "Run! She can't possibly catch us both!"


I'm still waiting for it to get easier. Good thing they're still cute.


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Cousin Janet from NY said...

This is the most adorable set of pictures of the twins in a long time. They are just so adorable that you're lucky I am not out there cuz I would probably eat them right up!!!!! Every one is calendar material. Did the kids dress for Halloween? I'd like to see those!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to all the cutie pies.

screamish said...

hooooo! so so so cute!!!!!! makes me all warm and fuzzy thinking about my two. Yeah- the phone thing, mine love it too, they pick up any inanimate object and say "GAH!" into it.

and gratuitous smooching in the cinema...too adorable...

Jennifer H said...

Oh my GOSH, I needed that dose of Emma-Logan yumminess!

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