Sunday, February 07, 2010

Emma's First Lecture

We've instituted a new rule around Chez Hatchet: if you touch mommy and daddy's laptop or mommy's plants, you immediately get taken to your room for a 2 minutes timeout.

Logan has needed constant reinforcement on this issue. He's seen the inside of his room more times than I can count between today and Friday (when we really started being hardcore about it). Emma, on the other hand, has been paying attention.

I know this because the last time I put Logan in his room and set the timer, Emma walked upstairs, opened the door and let him out.

I was going to go and put him back in when I heard what she was saying:

"Yogan, no touch computer! No computer. Yogan no touch. No computer, Yogan! You no touch computer. No."

I don't know how long she went on in that refrain, but it was long enough for me to have heard at least one repetition of her spiel. That girl! I love that little monkey!

And Yogan better start paying attention!


Valerie said...

So cute! Sebastian yells at Alexander more than I do.

screamish said...

Yeah yogan, no touch!

that Emma is so cute...

Hava said...

Oh I love it! Perhaps it is a girl thing? Derby has been OBSESSED about climbing on the coffee table. We tell him to get down and put his feet on the floor, if he doesn't listen then I say "Mama will you help you down" and take him off the table. The other night I was cooking when I heared Loen say "Derby feet on floor!" then proceeded to yank him off the table.

slow panic said...

I'm constantly getting onto my 11 year old because he is always policing his 7 year old brother...... drives me crazy -- especially when he's right

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