Monday, February 22, 2010

Emma says...

"Whatchu doin', guys? Shaaare!"

She walks from the kitchen, where she was snuggling with me on the floor and eating popcorn (From a bowl, people! I have some standards! The floor is just more comfortable. Especially when you can't see what's happening in the other room. Much more comfortable that way - trust me.) and went walking towards Caitlin and Logan who are hollering in the other room.

There's lots of hollering around here, these days. Some days it's good squealing/hollering with laughter and other days it's the "She/He/They stole my pencil! Paper! Blanket! Toy!" angry kind of hollering. Which often leads to me hollering, "What's going on in there, guys?! Share!"

It's almost like Emma's following me around and copying me.

Little mimic!

Other personal favorites:

"Don' touch dat!"
"Don' drop it!"

"Be careful!"

"Oh my goodness!"

"What's dis?" Twins "helping" in the kitchen.

The only way Logan gets to push Emma around.

They're pretty funny, the two of them. Caitlin is still running hot and cold towards Logan, but clearly prefers Emma (which is very sad for Logan, frankly). Both twins are talking a lot, but Emma is very clear, while Logan isn't.

Until Grampy comes over.

Suddenly Logan has a million things to say and Emma gets all shy and won't talk. She makes this face a lot:

Considering that they both go completely ape when they hear "Grammy and Grampy are coming over!", you'd think she'd be a little less shy when they actually show up...but, no.

"Hey Daddy! Check it out!" and "Daddy, come back heeeere!" are fun. Almost everything is worth checking out and Daddy is especially fun to call back over when you are teasing him with popcorn.

Still won't eat her breadcrusts, though.

Emma! Can you say, "Minx?"


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

She's a cutie! I love her little mannerisms.

Cousin Janet in NY said...

That last photo, the "mynx" one, looks exactly like Linda (Grammy) in her baby photos. Exactly. I will have to dig one out. They get cuter every day. Haven't been on here in a while, but I guess you are also incredibly busy so didn't take long to catch up!! Love to all
Cousin Janet in NY

睡衣 said...

good~ keep sharing with us, please....I will waiting your up date everyday!! Have a nice day........................................

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