Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cross Country Adventure: First Stop NY Baby!

I'm in NY for a few hours on my way to Ohhhh, Canadaaaaa! To visit my mom, dad, sibs and nieces and nephew.

I've finally met my (month old) niece, Madeline! She's so little! She's teensy weensy! She makes all those cute little baby noises! Grunting, nursing, hiccups. I've forgotten just how small "small" really is, since my version is now 3!

Anyway, we'll soon be on the road headed up the East Coast, through a snowstorm, to get to my mom. I'm driving up with Dawn, Matt and Madeline.

But first, a quick stop to go visit a certain cousin-in-law in NY.


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Cousin Janet in NY said...

The certain Cousin-in-law here. I must add that Madeline is absolutely beautiful, perfect, & heavenly. Everyone was kind enough to let me hold her the whole time. She smiled, winked & yawned in the absolute cutest way! She was licked by Lexie, our German Shephard, & she didn't even complain. I tried to hide her when they left but they caught me. Thanks for bringing Madeline to visit us!! And it was really good to see those accompanying grownups too.

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