Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Christmas came and went at a slow, torturous pace. Rather like being drowned in treacle.

With glitter.

We got a tree and instantly learned we couldn't decorate it with glass ornaments thanks to Destructo Boy. I strung lights around the arch at the front door and set it up on a timer. Every night when it winks on at dusk, Logan squees with delight, so that was a big win. We hung our stockings by the chimney with care and then needed to put them up on the mantle until Xmas day because Destructo Boy desperately wanted to pull them (and their brass weights) down onto his head.

Christmas shopping was very, very light this year. Except for one uber present for Caitlin.

Note the fantastic wrapping job? Yeah. That is a bed sheet. We're totally stylin'.

It was a fish tank full of...small animal gear!

The very next day, we went shopping for the owners.

Please welcome Digger

and Gryphon.

The newest members of the Hatchet family.

Caitlin approves.

Just mind the cats, boys, and you'll be juuuuust fiiiiine.


You know what's fun? Letting your inner 9 year old girl squee while you're sitting in a bathtub with a pair of gerbils running around and checking you out. Squeeeeee!

Why yes, I am enjoying the gerbil taming!

* Pronounced: mouse-ah-roo-LEE-uns. They look like mice. They stand on their hind legs like kangaroos and they have an extra tuft of fur on their long tails like lions. What else would I call them?! Other than Gerbilitos, that is.

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Mandy said...

I love your name for your little creatures...they're quite cute too! We enjoy our guinea girls, they're great entertainment with they're very set personalities! Enjoy!!

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