Saturday, January 08, 2011

Potty Training Twins, Act III - the Logan Edition

On Dec. 24th, after a normal diaper change, Eric asked Logan if he'd like to wear his big boy underwear. Tempted yet again by images of Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear on his butt, Logan agreed. He also agreed to actually sit on the potty for the first time in months and months. This was, clearly, a major breakthrough.

After listening to our pediatrician and just leaving Logan alone about the potty issue, something finally clicked in his head. After months of "Would you like to wear some underwear?" "No!", "Would you like to pee on the potty?" "NO!", "Would you like to poop on the potty?" "NOOOOO!", we're finally seeing the light at the end of the toilet.

Of course, to keep things interesting, Emma has regressed and started peeing all over everything. I changed her sheets 3 times in one day and then gave up entirely on putting her down for naps or to bed without pull ups* or a diaper. I watched her sit on the stairs, look me in the eye and just let 'er rip. Ugh!

Maybe she was giving Logan a chance to catch up?

This morning I woke up to the dulcet sounds of "Mommy! I PEED!". Eric was in the bathroom and Emma was curled up in bed with me, so I got out of bed, expecting the worst. Instead, royally ensconced on his throne, was Logan. He had taken off his PJs, taken off and disposed of his pull-up properly -- in the trashcan, climbed up onto the potty and peed.

All by himself.

There was no pile of sodden clothing. No puddle on the floor.

Just one little boy, proud as can be.

Let the squeeing commence!

* After years of the reusable Bum Genius diapers, we thought we'd try the pull-ups to see if introducing those would make a difference to Logan's potty training. Something more like underwear, but a lot more absorptive. I don't know if they actually helped him get more into it (They have Woody and Buzz on them, you see.), but whatever the combination of factors, it's currently working. After this box is gone (We only bought the one box.), we'll switch back to the diapers for bedtime, if necessary, or see if he can transition to underwear all of the time. He pees like a racehorse in his sleep. Wish us continued luck!


Hava said...

So there IS hope. We've tried a couple of times and there has been screaming, refusal to wear pull ups or panties not to mention peeing on something (usually hard to clean) only moments after getting up from the potty. Im thinking it is a control issue. It doesn't help when people say "They're 3 and still aren't potty trained yet?!"

Woman with a Hatchet said...

There is hope. Also, tell the people giving you a hard time to come and potty train TWO 3 y/os at the same time. Then watch as THEIR hair turns gray!

We worked on Emma first, since she was bribeable. Logan we just had to wait out and LITERALLY not broach the subject for 2 months. So there is hope, Hava. You just have to wait them out!

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