Monday, January 29, 2007

The Interview

Because I know you have questions!

Q: How did this happen? Well...I mean...I know how this happens, but how did this happen? It was taking so long!
A: Well, when two people love each other...Oh wait, you said you were up on that part....How this happened was when I was talking to my kid sister Cindy, she mentioned the Fertility Friend website, where they have all manner of information that will help you conceive. Charting, basal body temperatures, cervical mucus (You're squicked out now, aren't you?), that sort of thing. It involved being incredibly anal about taking my temperature and charting it for 2.5 months and then discovering the reason why we've never gotten pregnant sooner was because we kept missing the 4 day window of fertility by four days! So once we were hip to when our actual window of opportunity was - POW!

Q: How far along are you?
A: Two weeks.

Q: That's crazy! How can you be so certain?!
A: See the chart. Click on it to see the details. Where it says Implantation dip? Ayup. The green line at the end? Positive pregnancy test. Whee!

Q: You're telling us awfully early, aren't you?
A: Yeah, I am. The first time around, Eric wouldn't let me tell anyone for three months! Imagine my surprise when I asked him how long I had to wait this time and he just shrugged and said he left it up to me! See how blase we already are with the second child?!

Q: What if anything...goes wrong?
A: Well then, I'll write about it here and we'll try again. I'm pretty blase about that, too, at the moment. I'm sure I'll change my tune if anything does go wrong, but right now I'm thinking positive thoughts.

Q: Why? Why a second kid? If you're so crazy with just Caitlin, what were you thinking?!
A: This is a tough one. There are a bunch of different reasons to have a kid which are all outnumbered by the reasons not to have another kid!
  1. Yes, we are currently financially challenged, but we have the majority of the things we'd need for a 2nd kid, so the expense won't be all that much higher.
  2. I'm home full time, so that part of things will be easier (on Eric!) this time.
  3. Caitlin really really really really wants a sibling. No we're not just doing it for her!
  4. Every time I thought I was pregnant but wasn't, I was really upset so I guess I actually did want another!
  5. We have a lot more love to throw around than on just one child.
  6. Hubris alert: More people like us should be having kids!
  7. We finally have the hang of this parenting thing....Mostly!
  8. We got tired of so much sleep. Really, it's over-rated.

Q: How can I help?
A: If you decide you want to ask something similar to the following questions: "What were you thinking?!" or "Are you insane?!", be certain to smiiiiiiile when you do so and get ready to run. Depending on my mood, of course.

Q: When are you due?
A: Early October.

Q: Do you think it's a boy or a girl?
A: Not certain! The tsunami dream makes me think it's a boy, but that may have more to do with fear of any new child making our lives crazy. I haven't had any dreams yet of little curly headed boys or dark eyed girls yet, so I'm feeling fairly sex-guessing neutral right now.

Q: Do you want a boy more or a girl more?
A: Actually, I'd be happy either way, although I'd prefer to not have both! No twins! Aieee! I've slept at Val's house and wow! I'm hoping for a singleton! While it would be kind of cool to have one of each, if we have a second girl, I've got gear! And practice! Girls rock!

Q: How did Caitlin react when you told her?
A: She had the best possible reaction I could have imagined: she did this silent little dance with an expression of joy on her face, her eyes closed tight. I almost bawled right there, my heart squeezed so hard. So yeah, she's thrilled! She's going to be a great big sister!

Q: Any weird cravings yet?
A: No, not yet, although I am eating Grape-Nuts again. I was feeling really sick and exhausted last Monday, and thinking about what Misty had gone through, I thought I'd try eating something that was chock full of iron. Since I hate Cream of Wheat, I went with Grape-Nuts because I am a texture eater. Must have crunchy! It seems to have done the trick. I am, however, eating bananas, which I normally don't eat since I don't like the...texture. They have to be just past green but not too yellow. Firm! Grape-Nuts: 90% RDA for iron. Take that, Cream of Wheat!

Q: Have any morning sickness?
A: Nope! Grape-Nuts also appears to be a preventative. Didn't have any nausea last time either. I know, I know - you hate me!

Q: Natural childbirth this time?
A: No. Hell no! Nuh-uh! No to the F-ing Way, dude! Last time, I had an emergency c-section since I never dilated past 1 cm. I endured labor for about 24 hours, felt it for all but 6 of those hours until I finally asked (Begged) for an epidural. After being "checked" (HAH!) about 4 times and being told I was still at 1 cm, I couldn't take the pain anymore. I already have the scar. I've already felt labor pains. I'm certain that I'm not missing out.

Q: how many more kids are you going to have?
A: This is it. The last one. Two. Replacements.

Q: What about that 3rd kid waiting up in heaven for you?
A: One could also ask, what about that 4th, 7th, 9th or 16th kid, too. It's not gonna happen. Sorry mom! That's what population control is all about!

Q: Hey! I'm a [3rd] [4th] [9th] child! Are you saying I shouldn't have been born?!
A: When did this blog become about you?

Q: Got any names picked out yet?
A: Nope! Instead, as Dan astutely guessed, I'm looking for your input - but with a twist! What names should we avoid? What names are so over-popular that we should stay away from or so ordinary that they just won't work for a Hatchet Child? Names we can't use for boys include all of those of my nephews: Daniel, James, Max, Tyler, Axl, Hawke.
Note: if your name comes up, don't be offended. See the response to the question above for the reason why.

Well, that's all of the most popular questions I can think of so far. Time to go eat something!


Cindy said...

Avoid all names inspired by Celebrities, naming your child after food, or pregnancy cravings will lead to a lifetime of taunting and years of therapy. Really now who names their child Coco(Courtney Cox), or Apple(Gwenith Paltrow)? So yay steer clear of food realted names!

Caitlin said...

You should name her Cocoa!

Cindy said...

EKKKK! See the food thing, next you'll want to name her Banana!

Woman with a Hatchet said...


Scylla said...

Hey, Grape Nuts also makes a delicious high in iron (90%) granola thingy. Also, corn/rice chex are 90% iron, as is Shredded Wheat.

I soooo needed new cereal to eat, so I went a hunting. Also, Marlena was all fagged out and tired all the time, she hates cream of wheat, so we got high in iron cereal she likes too.

I am so happy for you!!

There is a baby name website that is really fun to look at...

It is cool!!!

Also, you can name your baby after food, if you are sensible about it. For example, Oliver is named after the first food I craved during pregnancy, and his name is very reasonable. Of course, I did not name him Kalamata... so there you go

Woman with a Hatchet said...

Ooh! I am so calling him Kalamata!

I've seen the website - Oliver is in the top 25 or something!

Anonymous said...

Definitely avoid Emily.

Katie H. said...

I like Hannah and Charlotte for a girl and Ethan and Kyle for a boy.

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