Monday, December 08, 2008

Ba! Ba! Ba!

The sounds of water filling the tub are coming from the bathroom. In the bedroom, the twins are losing their minds.

"Ba! Ba! Ba!" they exclaim, while pounding their chests in an excited version of the symbol for "bath". They desperately want to have a bath with Caitlin.

"No, no. That's Caitlin's bath. You had one already."

"Ba! Ba! Ba!" they continue pounding their chests. Logan goes to the door and tries to look into the bathroom, but is held back by the gate across the bedroom doorway.

"No bath for you!" Emma looks devastated and pounds her chest more.


"But...? Youalready -- okay. OK. You win."

I open the gate and both twins rush into the bathroom and watch the water filling the tub. Caitlin suddenly has company.

Apparently I've created bath maniacs.


Jennifer H said...

So much better than the other way around! Does Caitlin mind sharing?

Valerie said...

The boys took a good long while to warm up to baths, but they didn't have a cool older sister. That is too cute.

Now how did Caitlin feel about it? Maybe she hasn't reached that age where the bathroom is a sanctuary...


Woman with a Hatchet said...

Caitlin is OK with sharing because there's usually a LOT more silliness that goes on. She also gets someone else to wash her hair, too.

The only reason Caitlin considers the bathroom a sanctuary is when she's sneak-reading in it when she SHOULD be in bed. Like just now, for instance.

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