Thursday, December 18, 2008

Escape artist

It took him 8 months, but it turns out that Logan has finally discovered that he's not actually strapped into his highchair.

We borrowed the chair from friends who had removed the strap for cleaning. As I'm sure you know, they probably put it "someplace safe". I have put many things "someplace safe" and am here to tell you that almost nothing returns from such a safe location. I lost a $700 check once....

Anyway, Emma has always been the one that stood up, turned around and attempt to disembark the highchair express, so we've always had her in the chair with a seatbelt. Logan would just watch, quietly stuffing food into his mouth. Things have changed.

Now, he can't be in there for more than 5 minutes before he stands up, turns around and tries to skootch the chair around the room by lurching around excitedly. He also climbs onto the tray and reaches for Emma (and her food) or the kitty or whatever happens to be passing by.

We've been trying to jury-rig a short term fix while we contact the manufacturer looking for a replacement strap, but so far the luggage strap doesn't seem to deter him and crazy glue seems excessive.

Maybe velcro?

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