Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Twelve Hours

The most amazing thing happened yesterday!

We put the twins to bed around 6:30 pm after having stuffed them full of food and especially rice (They went crazy for it and ate and ate like little piggies!) then they nursed the tiniest possible amount and went to sleep. I fully expected them to wake up between 10 and 11 pm for one last nursing before it became Eric's turn to fend them off in the middle of the night but...the cry for milk never came.

They slept.

And they slept.

And they slept some more until it was 6:30 am and I was exploding with milk. When they finally woke, I dragged myself out of bed, tired but grateful. It was only when I got back into bed that I found out what time it was and that they'd slept for 12 hours. Woo!

If only I'd gone to bed at 10:30 as I had planned! Instead, since I kept waiting for them to wake up, I wasted all of that sleeping time! Aiee!

Tonight I think I'll try harder to get in bed before midnight. I might even get some real sleep!

Is it a trick? Is it a phase? Is it the beginning of something wonderful?

Oh please! Oh please! Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

Updated to add: It was a trick! For woe is us! The screaming started at 1:30 am and didn't stop. Then Caitlin woke up (she never has before) and started screaming for the screaming to stop. Strangely enough, that didn't work. Then there was the screaming for the person with the milk who was attempting to hide from all of the screaming but couldn't. Finally, the Milk-Giver arrived and

the screaming



1 comment:

Jennifer H said...

Sounds like you have to feed them rice now every single night, without exception. And wear a lucky shirt. Whatever you did last night, don't change a thing.


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