Sunday, February 01, 2009


Now, everyone has a poop story, it's true. And it's a pretty gross thing, to even have a poop story, but they appear to be inevitable.

Like laundry.

Oh, and death.

Yesterday, I was in the basement, listening to the twins wake up. Generally they wake up laughing, giggling and squealing at one another. We usually let them stay in their cribs until they reach the hollering stage, since we like relaxing without short people grunting, "Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!" at us all of the time. Well, the laughing turned to crying and I heard Eric get up and go to the twins' room.

Then, after a pause in the screaming, I heard Eric cry: "Help!"

I finished up quickly and jogged upstairs to see Eric pulling all of Logan's blanket's out of the crib. On entering the room, my nose was assaulted by that smell. Logan had pulled off his poop-filled diaper and tossed it out of the crib. There was a little poop here and there.


However, they are twins. There are two of them.

We'll never know just who started it, but over in Emma's crib, there was a similar scene. Only...worse.

Emma was backed up against the wall, wearing only her shirt. Her hands were out to either side, unmoving and looking horrified. She had also removed her diaper, only hers was still in the crib, along with smears in a semi-circle in front of her, next to her, on her clothes and all over her feet.
The Poop Monster had come for Emma.

I saw her poor little shocked face and burst out laughing. Then I started the bath running. Bathtime!

I'm kind of hoping they were traumatized enough that they won't do it again. A girl can dream!

And no, there are no photos. (Although I did think about it. Heh heh heh!)


alessa said...

I guess that's sorta like dog owners and their stories of diarrhea &/or vomiting dog(s). And, no, I won't share either of those stories with you, ever,,,GAH!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

My friend had boys 14 months apart. She left them playing happily in their room one day and came back to find that they had smeared poop all over the blinds. Good times!

And why do siblings seem to indulge in synchronized pooping, anyway?

ellen said...

I sadly have more than one poop story. I will kindly not share them in detail. I will however quote my daughter, "Daddy, poop tastes yucky."

Hava said...

Yes, we recently had a pooptastrophe and it occurred while shopping at a Target. Derby was the culprit but somehow Loen got some in her mouth....jacket....face. I was covered in poop, the shopping cart had a pile of poop. Ick!

alessa said...

Oh, and have to seen the videos of parents encouraging their children to poop in retail stores? Think I'm kidding? Search the internet...

Ali said...

This is what I'm in for? Oy...

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